Wargods Titans?

People have occasionally tried to sell me on how good Wargods of Aegyptus by Crocodile Games is. I’m not convinced. The grab-bag of Egyptian myth is nice, don’t get me wrong (even if I went straight through my Egyptology craze and out the other side about fourteen years ago), and I’ll give any system at least a look-over as long as the development strategy doesn’t seem like a trainwreck waiting to happen (hello Malifaux!) but the miniatures just don’t thrill me at all. Minis like these or even these are very, very early-90s GW in their single-or-near-as-dammit poses and consistent tendency to face off the corners of their bases in a manner most bothersome.

I should probably be more bothered by Fitzpatrick’s tendency towards cheesecake in his sculpting as well, all things considered, but at least that’s an aesthetic choice I feel obliged to be slightly offended by rather than a basic technical aspect of the pieces which is off-key. Crocodile’s range for Wargods of Hyperborea (wherever that is) is generally better executed, but it consists of exactly one faction and Crocodile’s release rate has not exactly been the swiftest of beasts, choosing instead to encroach gradually like the desert sands or creeping glaciers of the far north. So I’m not holding my breath for Hyperborea either. And I don’t really like painting fur.

But this morning I happened to mosey on by out of sheer curiosity (and mild insomnia) and LO AND BEHOLD! Crocodile have released something that I actually find quite impressive.

One or two of the Titan miniatures are less than enthralling, admittedly. A couple of the Slaves and the second Titan Master have those gawky Nineties GW poses where they’re just sort of standing there with their limbs in an odd position (although, in fairness, the alternate head for that Titan Master’s pretty nifty). That said, Xerxes, King of Titans is kind of good, and I really like the look of the other Titan Master. The Overlord is just win, really, although goodness knows how I’d justify spending that much on a single model (answer: I probably wouldn’t).

Given that their opposition, the Spartans, aren’t that bad either (they’re even facing the right way!), I might be feeling slightly better disposed towards Wargods of Olympus than I have been to its contemporaries.

I can see the Titan miniatures pulling double duty as Chaos Trolls, Throgg and a Giant for that WFB army I keep threatening to do: sure, the current Warriors of Chaos rules aren’t anything overly impressive, but I like the option of the Troll-based army and that’d overcome my dislike of painting five models that actually do something in-game and twenty models that are just wound markers and rank bonus counters for the others, and it’d only take a couple of Sorcerers and maybe some Knights and Warriors to have a 1500 point army I’d not be ashamed of using.

Naturally, I can’t afford any of this lot right now, but there’s always the secondary market (more on that in a future post, I think: until then, you’ll have to pop over to The Frugal Gamer (hello Dave!) for your cash-conserving tips and fiddles).

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  1. >Le whoops. Fixed that.The temptation is overwhelming. I'm just trying to remind myself that I didn't enjoy running Chaos last time, that I'm supposed to be playing Dark Elves now, and that I need to build a damn board before I get into any more systems.And, of course, that I REALLY can't afford them.

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