[WoW] The Demon Warcraft

Last summer, I was overcome by a fit of irrational curiosity and started playing that terrible World of Warcraft thing. I keep telling myself it was an experiment – I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The inevitable happened and I got a bit hooked – knowingly and with intent, in this case. I know the game is set up to provide a very precisely calculated set of tasks and rewards, I know it’s designed to be addictive, but the thing is that it’s a job quite well done. Playing the Warcraft thing is, for me, like giving fifty pee to a grafter on the bus: I know their story’s a load of old groats but if they tell it in style I’m prepared to throw them a bone for making the effort.

It’s simple to play without being as crushingly, jaw-droppingly I-could-train-a-dog-to-do-this dull as Diablo, but the larger encounters have just a hint of actual complexity in them and the classes’ capabilities upgrade regularly enough to provide new ways of going about them. Plus it looks pretty (I’m an especially big fan of the Undercity: it’s surprisingly vibrant and colourful for a city in a sewer built by undead).

Of course, it does cost money, and that’s the bit that makes Shiny laugh at me for playing it, but here’s the thing. Warcraft costs about eight quid a month. Going to the cinema (after bus tickets, refreshing beverages and a big ol’ pack of Revels are factored in) is about as expensive and provides maybe three hours’ entertainment. I’m not particularly concerned about wasting money as long as I’m getting an evening a week’s play out of it.

The real danger is turning it into Serious Business and caring about playing the same small area over and over again for days on end, looking for one item that has a nought point three percent chance of dropping from a quarter of the creatures in there… that way lies madness, and it started getting that way the last time I played it. This time around I’m going to make myself introduce myself to some other players and actually roleplay on the bloody thing. It helps that my main character this time ’round is a healer-type – gives me a ready-made reason to interact with people. I’ve also resolved to have nothing to do with any of those guild things: they make playing the WoW into an obligation and frankly it’s when you start obliging yourself to play that the trouble starts.

At least, I think that’s how it is. If I manage to stick to all these resolutions and still drop off the face of the world then we know it’s all nonsense, right?

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  1. >Hi! I just found your blog, thanks to Dave at A Year of Frugal Gaming. I like your posts and your writing style. I also fell to the WoW bug. Originally, it was a way to hang out with my DnD friends while I went home for a summer. Now, its a guilty pleasure. My Character is on Blade's Edge realm, though I tend towards the Alliance side. Thanks for the good read =)

  2. >You're welcome, and thanks for reading/commenting/following (even if you do have inexplicable taste in factions).That keeping-in-touch aspect is another of its redeeming features given that I've some friends up north/at university who I never get to see any more, and so (in theory) WoW will allow us to relive those happy years when we all went to the same roleplaying club and abused each others' incompetent playing styles whilst actually in the same room. It won't be quite the same but the capacity to inflict abuse on one another while allegedly co-operating is still there. Now all I have to do is decide which character I'm going to level up – and incidentally, if anyone knows any way to make levelling a Priest less of a hideously painstaking oh-look-it-takes-me-two-hits-to-kill-the-bloody-critters drudgefest, PLEASE DEAR ERIS ON A WOMBAT SHARE IT. I'm going mad over here.

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