[WFB] Dark Elves: 2000 List

I promise I have actually been doing some other gaming stuff (the Dark Heresy campaign is finally rolling and I may well deign to write up a thing about that over the weekend), but for now it’ll have to be another thing about Dark (but not Boring) Elves.

They really aren’t boring.  In our continued battles against the Face (and each other), Frugal Dave and I threw down in another wee 1500 point game last night.  Another win (massacre this time), another absence of photos, and another game I’m not going to report on due to aforementioned lack of photos.  Suffice to say that the Assassin absolutely must go in the Executioners and experimenting with him as a Giant-killer wasn’t as sharp as I thought it was, that Shades are angry little pewter gods, and that I hate Fanatics.  Top game.  Proper bloodbath.  Not as much of a walk in the park as you might think: that initial turn with the rush of Fanatics was harsh, as was my inability to pass a single Panic, Stupidity or Break test for the first three turns.  Fortunately for me, the Fanatics about-faced into Dave’s army or killed themselves instead of finishing me off, and the units that had made it through them managed to stay above half strength and clear out Dave’s backfield.

Afterwards, I cranked out a 2000 point list (it’ll be Shiny and Dave playing next time, but I’m on after that).  Witness!

Supreme Sorceress – 335
extra magic level
Dark Pegasus
Pendant of Khaeleth

Master (General) – 140
repeater crossbow
Armour of Darkness
Ring of Hotek

20 Warriors – 155
shields, full command

20 Warriors – 155
shields, full command

5 Dark Riders – 131
repeater crossbows, Herald, musician

Assassin – 146
additional hand weapon, Black Lotus, Rune of Khaine

Assassin – 171
additional hand weapon, Rending Stars, Manbane, Cloak of Twilight

21 Witch Elves – 260
full command, Manbane

14 Executioners – 198
full command

6 Shades – 114

2 Reaper Bolt Throwers – 200

Taking it to 2250, should the lads decide they’d rather go there, would be a fairly simple matter of adding:

Death Hag – 225
Cauldron of Blood
Army Standard

and slap the Banner of Murder onto the Witch Elves for 25

Which means I should probably look to picking up a Cauldron at some point in the next few weeks, and working out some sort of case arrangement.

I can’t quite decide between this one or something similar with the Staff of Sorcery on the Supreme Sorceress and the smaller unit of Witch Elves with the Banner of Murder (oh, and Manbane on the Assassin with Black Lotus).  It comes out at 1995, so maybe a Cauldron and either Lifetaker or the Seal of Ghrond on the Supreme Sorceress to reach 2250?  I dunno.  8th edition will probably be out by next time and render the whole process moot.

2 thoughts on “[WFB] Dark Elves: 2000 List

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  1. >Yay Dark Elves. I think your general could use a weapon maybe, like even a basic GW. Supreme Sorc wouldn't hurt to have the bound PoD or extra PD thingy. Not sure where you can lose points though.The Cauldron is awesome.

  2. >At 2250 I should easily have wiggle room for that – swap out the Banner of Murder for the Darkstar Cloak (assuming I haven't already taken the Staff of Sorcery version of the list, which makes the point moot – but I can fit a halberd or great weapon into that list at 2000).

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