[WFB] Fixing Warriors of Chaos, Part Two

Onward, then, into the army list!

Daemon Princes have the stats of a Chaos Lord plus M6 and a 4+ Ward Save, have magical attacks and are Large Targets. They have either Wings or Chaos Armour, but not both.
They may take both magic items and Gifts of the Gods, up to a maximum of 100 points of each.
Daemon Princes with a Mark other than that of Khorne may take magic levels at 40 points each.
Daemon Princes of Khorne may take levels of Magic Resistance instead (up to a maximum of 3) at 15 points per level. They may also purchase Chaos Armour plus either an additional hand weapon, great weapon or shield for 20 points.

The plan to make Daemon Princes cool again: give Daemon Prince better defences (access to an armour save, talismans and magic armour), give Khornate Princes something to do instead of magic (and make them attractive because they can have wings AND armour without eating their magic item allowance), and address the logical/background issues with Chaos Lords losing their ability to command armies and all their phat Chaos loot (which is stupid).  Yes, this makes Daemon Princes very good, but really, they should be.  They’re the pinnacle of the Chaotic principle, damn it, and they’d cost an arseload of points if you brought one with all the kit.


Unchanged.  These guys aren’t the problem, it’s the army’s reliance on them that is.


Chariots move into Core section, if they’re not there already: I forget.

Take your Dark Elf army book.  Copy the entry for Harpies over, including the bit about not filling minimum Core slots.

Block armies need unit flyers, and short of returning Daemon units to the book, this is how the Warriors are going to get them.  Everything else serves a purpose: fast cavalry, heavy infantry, light infantry, screens/frenzy guides.  I also want to enable armies of charioteers for the Warriors, because they’re cool and suitably barbaric-looking.


NEW UNIT: Chaos Dwarves
Standard Dwarf statline, including Relentless.
Come with hand weapons and Chaos armour.
Upgrades: Marks of Chaos (priced as Chaos Warrior Core slot); command group (priced as Chaos Warrior Core slot); halberds and/or shields; handguns or blunderbusses (as handgun but use the breath template).

Line shooting unit.  Not Core, so Chaos armies will still have to take some of their definitive melee blocks, but this at least gives them the option of throwing out some damage at a distance without having to rely on offensive Sorcerers, which in turn allows the Sorcerers to concentrate on generating dispel dice/modifiers/scroll-carrying if the player wants to, or shift to a more offensive ranged approach overall.  Characteristic blunderbusses also allow the option of taking small units as shooty flank guards or mop-up units, although their speed will be an issue there.

Forsaken gain Skirmish, and have additional hand weapons (or gain an additional attack – the point is they need to have d3 + 2 attacks).

You heard.  Skirmish.  They don’t Scout and they’re still subject to Frenzy, so they’re not perfect, but they’re a M6 skirmishing unit that can at least try to protect the flanks of Chaos units.  They also now have at least as many attacks as regular Chaos Warriors with additional hand weapons, and can have as many or more attacks than Khornate ones, which was a big problem with them – they simply didn’t shine next to the Core options, and that was wrong.

Chaos Knights lose Ensorcelled Weapons.

It always bugged me that those cool-looking lances were strictly worse than the weapons they came with.  Why pay points to make your guys worse?  Now you have the choice of a fast anvil unit or, with a few extra points, a hammer with lances. They don’t get to be S7: that’s what fighting Rares are for. Ensorcelled Weapons is a much better fit on another unit, anyway…

Chosen gain Ensorcelled Weapons: all attacks made by Chosen are magical.  Chosen lose their Eye of the Gods roll.
New weapon option: throwing axes.

Magical attacks make them feel a bit more special, and a trade-out of the free Eye of the Gods roll for access to multiple Eye of the Gods rolls on their Champion if he wins a challenge – which, given that he has the fighting stats of a human hero, should be happening quite often. They also gain access to throwing axes, just ’cause it’s fun.

Chaos Ogres – unit leader may take Gifts of the Gods up to a value of 25 points.

Bit more Chaos in them to make them distinct from Ogre Kingdoms Ironguts.

Chaos Trolls – unchanged.


Hellcannon – unchanged?

It’s an overpriced, counter-intuitive unit, but it’s cool, and I think that if Chaos are going to get a war machine, it should be a giant monster that really wants to fight.  Maybe bring back its two-template rule – casualties under the small template, Panic tests under the large one?

Chaos Giant – unchanged. Nurgle Giants, already having Stubborn, gain Poisoned Attacks instead.

Dragon Ogres – unit leader may take Gifts of the Gods up to a value of 25 points, unit may take Marks.

Again, want to make the unit champion worth a go: Gifts plus Eye should do it.

Shaggoth – may take Marks, and counts as a character when Marked.  May take Gifts of the Gods up to a value of 75 points.

Access to Chaos Gifts and character Marks make this something really special: like an extra Lord on monster, only its monstrous mount is built in. In case you’re wondering, yes, Tzeentch Shaggoths will get some love from the Gifts section to make that Mark worthwhile.

Chaos Spawn – may be upgraded to have Killing Blow, Poisoned Attacks, Flaming Attacks or Regenerate.  Gain a S3 Armour Piercing breath weapon.

A bargain-basement mini-monster for small games, or a flank/rear guard for larger ones.  Still unreliable, but gain a degree of customising capacity.

Warshrine – redefine as a proper Chariot so it fits in the rules framework better, otherwise unchanged.

The role of the Warshrine is to lob out Eye of the Gods buffs onto units which either don’t have access to them – i.e. Core units – or to buff up units which do get them but haven’t had the right ones, or got enough yet, or haven’t managed to get into combat and rack them up yet (read ‘Chaos Dwarfs’).

5 thoughts on “[WFB] Fixing Warriors of Chaos, Part Two

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  1. >The sad thing is that I hadn't realised how much was actually needed. There were plenty of units I hadn't been inclined to touch until I suddenly realised that nobody took their Champions or that I'd deliberately forgotten about Chaos Knight lances being inexplicably worse and costing points and stuff like that.

  2. >It's just weird how this book came in along with Daemons, DE, Skaven and Lizardmen. What were they thinking?It doesn't look like 8th is going to do them many favors either, the book just has too many glaring fundamental flaws.

  3. >Mmm. That's the thing: 8th edition will change lots of things which, superficially, will do the Warriors some good – but books with proper rules will benefit in similar ways from those changes and so continue to outshine the poor Chaos blokes.It's a shame. I have the urge to build an army of them, but I know what misery and drudgery lies in wait if I do.

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