[WFB] Dark Elf Observations

First thing – apparently I got the percentages for eighth edition army selection wrong. I’m now told it’s twenty-five percent or more in Core, and no more than twenty-five per cent in anything else; except Special, which can be no more than fifty per cent.

CITIZENS REJOICE. I get to keep all my Witch Elves.

Second thing – I have finally lost a game with my Dark Elves, largely due to a lack of aggression that blocked me in and left me unable to set up proper charges, while Shiny stuck his neck out and had space to align for maximum attackage. I did have fun scraping the Massacre back to a mere Solid Victory with some extremely fluke-ish spellcasting and march-blocking his Skavenbrewed Clanrats into the middle of next week, though.

His suggestions involved using the Supreme Sorceress much more daringly, as in actually landing her behind his army and march-blocking/casting from in there. I am tempted to pooh-pooh this by saying “yes, Shiny, but you actually deploy your weapon teams intelligently, so she’ll be Ratling Gunned to death as soon as she lands there”, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m also not sure about that Pegasus – maybe I was spoilt by the Vampire Counts’ Hellsteed, but a T4 flying horse that can be shot out from under her fails to impress me too much. The Focus Familiar tempts me, allowing for a less risky way of fielding the uppity cow, but then she might end up in the Ring of Hotek footprint too often. Incidentally, that Ring is dynamite – whatever else happened, Shiny wasn’t throwing as much magic into my lines as he used to, and it aborted a couple of magic phases before they could do me any harm.

I also think we’ve created a monster in that Stormvermin unit of his – with his Warlord on War-Litter at the helm and sporting the Banner of the Under-Empire, they have two ways to compensate for that single attack that they have, one of which strips the front rank off any low-Toughness lightly-armoured unit (i.e. everything in my army) that tangles with them. Can’t wait for 8th so they still get their attacks in, at least.

Third thing – I’ve been thinking about army composition in 8th, and have resolved to give a slightly different set of Core units a try. I’m going to wait until Jive Professor finishes his run-down of the 8th edition rules before I actually spend time counting on my fingers and building a list, but the general idea involves:

– blocks of Crossbowmen (making the most of those multiple shots and firing in two ranks – if I understood the demo game correctly, ordinary bows fire in three ranks and everyone else gets two) with shields that chuck out twenty shots a turn and have the same saves as Spearmen. The idea being that they contribute something to every turn rather than just being sacrificial blocks that feed Power dice to Sorceresses or attempt to absorb charges.

– more Corsairs. I need screens for my squashy Specials and Corsairs sit on a decent save vs. shooting. I’m still torn between the handbow (if they can get out of the way of charging Khainites and still shoot, that’s the call) or the additional hand weapon (assuming that they’ll have to charge something to free up lanes for the stuff they’re screening). I’ll probably pin or magnetise their arms so I can swap things out and try a big unit of 20 with the Sea Serpent Standard and Lokhir as a line unit too.

– a Dreadlord hiding in the lines instead of a Master (for Ld10, more magic items and the extra wound), with an ordinary Sorceress on the Pegasus (less points to throw away if I do take Shiny’s advice and stick her out there, and the Dark Elf ‘roll as many dice as you like’ rule means she can still make a crack at the top-end spells despite being level 2).

– I also confess to wanting, rather badly, to own Cold One Knights, just so I have something that out-threat-ranges Skaven and other Elves. And the models are tasty. And, let’s face it, if I want more Crossbows and Corsairs, I might as well pick up a Battalion box anyway.

It’s a vague idea, anyway. I’ll have to wait until the shooting and magic rules have percolated through my idiot skull before I call it, though.

You may now commence belching

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