[WM/H] Forces of Cryx: initial thoughts.

I play things that aren’t WFB sometimes, I swear! I finaally bought the Forces of Cryx book last week. It’s too late to do a review really, it being old news and all, but I have some Thoughts on the book and its contents nonetheless and so will be doing a review even if it’s not fashionable or current or anything.

First things, first, though: the appropriate response to this document, which has made my Lich Lord Asphyxious list somewhat defunct.

Right. I’m okay now. Let’s talk about the book.

I don’t need to say it looks nice (in that sort of monolithic way that classic Cryx colours look nice: I love green and gunmetal and pale skin as much as the next man, but after the first forty pages it does get a bit wearing), because it’s a Privateer Press book, and really ‘looking nice’ is the benchmark for them by now.

From the very start, it’s clear that they’ve been doing some thinking about Cryx – the faction’s defining strengths are identified up front (stripping away enemy defences and reanimation, in case you were wondering), and the obligatory piece of fiction at the beginning goes a long way towards tying the faction together. The Cryxian infighting that defined the last few books is still present, but there’s also a restatement of the faction’s actual goal – clear the living out of the way so they can look for and kill dragons in peace – and an attempt to sort out exactly what was going on in Legends, otherwise known as ‘that book where Cryx doesn’t really do anything much’. The fiction itself is… eeeh, it’s the usual Doug Seacat stuff, i.e. an interesting enough narrative with lots of mysterious hints about the bigger picture and a suitably grand ending, but a little too heavy on the details and patterning itself after game mechanics for my taste.

That over and done with, it’s into the Tier lists. I’d heard some less than inspiring things about these, mainly that they were less than inspiring, and there are some that I’m just not especially interested in. I’m a completist when it comes to Cryx, see (there’s nothing in the faction that I wouldn’t want to own, although quite a bit that I wouldn’t field) but I’m also a tight-fisted one, and so I’ve accepted that patience and discipline are involved, working on one theme at a time… so in theory, Tier lists are my friends.

In practice, they are a little bit samey, and some of them revolve around fielding multiples of a given piece which, frankly, I wouldn’t choose to field one of. None of the Tiers make me want to rush out and buy a new ‘caster, either, although one of the ‘casters does.

I started writing up my thoughts on him, but it ran to sufficient length that the cry of ‘teal deer!’ was already audible (I’m precognitive, you know, at least where the Internets are concerned), so I’ll draw a line under that and make further posts about the new models and the Tiers that do interest me down the line.

What else is in the book? A painting section, which isn’t bad, I suppose, although I have rather lost interest in PP painting guides since they became Formula P3 specific. It’s to be expected, and I feel no nerdrage at all about it; they’re their paints and they should be selling them as hard as they can. The photo of the Cryx Bane layering does rather please me, I admit. That’s about it.

You may now commence belching

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