[WFB] Dark Elves: Temple of Khaine Rebuild: Final List

Thought process all staked out in the previous two entries.

The shopping list already includes another unit of Dark Riders and shields for the Crossbowmen.
What else would you replace?  I have another twenty Spearmen, a second Bolt Thrower, a couple of Assassins and a character on a Manticore, and a little spare money (I could probably afford a Hydra or a unit of ten Cold One Knights or something).

Lord: Dreadlord: 175
– repeater crossbow
– Armour of Darkness

Lord: Supreme Sorceress: 300
– Level 4
– Ring of Darkness


Hero: Death Hag: 225
– Cauldron of Blood
– Army Standard

Hero: Sorceress: 200
– Level 2
– Dark Pegasus
– Tome of Furion


Core: 19 Spearmen: 149
– standard bearer, musician and Lordling

Core: 20 Repeater Crossbowmen: 225
– standard bearer, musician and Guardmaster

Core: 5 Dark Riders: 131
– repeater crossbows
– musician and Herald

Special: 21 Executioners: 282
– standard bearer, musician, Draich-master

Special: 7 Witch Elves: 70

Special: 7 Witch Elves: 70

Special: 7 Witch Elves: 70

Rare: Reaper Bolt Thrower: 100

LORDS: 475 / 500
HEROES: 425 / 500
CORE: 505 / 500 minimum
SPECIAL: 492 / 500
RARE: 100 / 400

TOTAL: 1997 / 2000

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  1. >I'd be happy to give it a whirl. The only reason it's in there is 'cause every Dark Elf player I've ever met who tries to go without them regrets it. I have to admit that Shades are more to my taste and I think they fit what I'm doing with the list better; it's just nice to know that I've a way to slap wounds on a Giant.Then again, I might try to redesign this as a Hellebron list (Crone as the Lord, Cauldron and one Sorceress, Witches filling half my mandatory Core and more points for Shades) once I can work out a decent conversion for the old bag.

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