[40K] A Sudden Attack Of Common Sense

My brain now teems with endless schemes, for Titipu future projects – it’s getting pretty crowded in here, and a drawback of having to work (a lot harder) for a living is not having my usual theorising time to plan out everything I buy and make sure I don’t waste money on half-hearted projects that never see the light of day. The Orks are already looking like they’ll go that way; as much as I want to build a gorgeous kitbashorama of an army, I simply don’t have the funds to buy all those box sets for raw components, the time to build and paint eighty hajillion Orks, or the space to store/transport them all, so I’ve had to (reluctantly) write off the £20 or so I spent on bits for a new Grimskul conversion and plastic Boyz for testing.

I need to focus (not fury… not that that’s a verb or anything…) a bit over the next few months. It’s the run-up to Christmas, there might be a major expenditure early in the New Year, and apparently I’m helping to run a school gaming club next term. The thing is, all the kids play 40K, and it would probably help if I was playing the same game as them… so I need at least a small army to mess about with for that.

Taking on two new projects (Skorne and… something) at once isn’t particularly sensible, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel; the Skorne battlebox is built, primed, and should be paintable within a few evenings. By lucky hap, it’s half term this week, so I should have some evenings free for painting, and then that’s the Skorne done for a bit. Once that’s done, the next project is something 40K-ish that needs to meet the following criteria:

– low model count (time and money to prepare tons of models is not really available)

– no transport vehicles (they double the financial cost of every squad, often adding a miserly number of points per pound spent, and they also take up a lot of space in the figure cases.

– not particularly hard or soft in gameplay terms.

That last one needs a bit of unpacking. I don’t particularly want to show up to a game with someone half my age and crush them – that’s not going to be satisfying for anyone. I also don’t want to show up to a game with someone half my age and be crushed because they’re a better player than anticipated (and you can never tell with kids – they might be good!) or because I’ve picked a dodgy book/collection. I’d also quite like something that’s playable in other contexts… good heavens, establishing objectives for this project is hard.

The no-transports thing is a bit of a niggler as well, since the current edition of 40K is, umm, quite focused on metal boxes for one’s men to ride ’round in. The armies that don’t have this requirement to spend £20 on about 80 points worth of model would be… let’s see…
– Necrons. Quite boring to play/paint, old Codex, behind the development curve in some quite significant ways. Also have lots of key pieces on flying bases. I hate flying bases. Out.
– Tyranids. Quite cool, nice plastic kits to play with, contemporary book, and not as high-model-count-ish as they used to be. Battleforce available allowing cheap entry to the project. Won’t have to paint anything red or green (two colours I overuse somewhat). Possibility.
– Daemons. Double-dipping into WFB possible if some tactical compromises made (a definite plus). Most inspiring of the three; already written some little bits of background for a Daemon army this morning. Some good tactical options available, but perhaps hamstrung by their very random deployment rules, and might be falling behind the power creep a bit. Possibility.

I think it’s a toss-up between grobbly aliens and grobbly monsters. Both have their appeal from the Frugal perspective, too: that Tyranid Battleforce would give me enough stuff to play small games with the kids straight off, while the Daemons would involve a larger up-front investment but would cross over between game systems nicely. On the other hand, I already have a perfectly servicable WFB army, so… gah. I dunno. I’ve got a week to think about it, anyway; I plan on leading the club by example, showing good hobby practice by building/preparing/painting/playing my army from scratch.

If anyone has any advice on Which Damn Army To Play, I’d be happy to hear it. Can’t promise I’ll respond to comments any time soon, but them’s the breaks.

5 thoughts on “[40K] A Sudden Attack Of Common Sense

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  1. >Elite Guard? Focus on Veteran squads without transports but with Camo Cloaks, Demo Charges and/or Carapace.At 70 points a squad with 30 points for each upgrade + cost of extra equipment it'll soon add up. Support em with a couple of tanks if you have to

  2. >@ Chumbs – you're not helping. :p@ Loquacious – I keep hearing about this 'Killzone' thing. What's it all in aid of?@ artaxerxes – … not a bad idea, but one of the clubrunners and some of the kids already play Guard and I'm not too keen on mirror matches.@ Dezzo – not really an option, club starts next week.

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