[40K] An Equally Sudden Attack of Uncommon Nonsense

I’ve been thinking about something Lauby said (dangerous!) concerning the je ne sais quoi of an army.  He was talking about paintjobs, but Chumby was talking about army lists in the comments, and the two thoughts have knocked together in my mind and got me thinking.

See, the thing with me is, I’m a theorist.  I admit it.  I can sit down, look at a book, and come up with something solid from it on the second or third attempt, for whatever value of ‘solid’ you’re looking for.  Be it thematically consistent, tactically viable or including as many of X unit type as possible and damn the consequences, I’ll find a way to make it happen.  The thing is, though, I don’t always feel the result.  The Daemon list which I wrote a while back, and which I would link to if I could actually find it (did I even bother to post it?  I wonder…), was technically pretty good but it lacked anything personal, anything that I could produce and say ‘this is mine and I love it’.  I have similar problems when I try to construct Tyranid lists; there’s nothing in them that has the magic whatever-it-is that makes a chap sustain interest in a project.

And yesterday, when I came home from the shops, Grimskul was there, sitting on the desk in bits, part-primed and ready to redo.  Calling me.  I’ll get some pictures up once a camera can be sourced (living a hundred miles from Shiny has its disadvantages), but I think he’s come out all right for a spare-parts bodge-job of a character, and I can’t quite shake off the ideas I’m having for his army.

The thing is, see, Orks are cool.  There’s something about them that resonates with me on a very fundamental level, something that makes me think of this conversion and that bit of backstory and the other paintjob that I just don’t get with other armies.

There are certainly problems with them, but I can’t shake the feeling that, with some careful pacing and malice aforethought, I might actually be able to overcome them.  I won’t be able to rush in, nerdgasm all over the place and do all the wacky stuff I want to do straight off the bat, but I might be able to walk in, do something semi-interesting to start with and build up to the crazy later.  It has to be worth a try.  At least I’d be working towards something I’m actually interested in, rather than something dictated to me by circumstances.

I suppose I should spend some time having a think about it.

Also, apparently I made the Weekly Top X over on the ol’ House of Paincakes this week, which is nice.  Oh, and lads – the pictures thing is annoying me as much as it is you.  I’m working on it.  Promise.

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