[40K] Hive Fleet Níðhöggr – GROBIES IN SPACE

You know all that gamer angst?  Decision made, thanks to VT2: or, more accurately, the wall of stupid he seems to have been confronting recently.  (I’d be saying this in comment form, but I can’t be bothered to work out which of the twelve or so elements of a 3++ page blocked by NoScript need to be turned back on in order for that to happen.)

I am a man without preconceptions related to Nids, since I’ve never played them before and haven’t touched 40K5 in, ooh, about two years.  I’ve been on the blogs, keeping up as best I can, but I haven’t actually played the game since the last Ork project was written off.  However, after a few days brewing, seething, contemplating the stupids and finally thinking of AWESOME conversions (awesomeness of conversions may turn out to be limited by practical skills of Kapt. Von: watch this space!) for the big scary things that aren’t in the range, I think I’ve settled on a starting point for greater things.

Yes, that is a Battleforce.  No, I have not taken leave of my senses.  I will in fact be buying two (turning bitty one-of-everything-ness into slightly more sensible redundancy), and shamelessly ripping off some of GMort’s excellent conversions in order to bypass some of the inherent fail.  The thousand point force I’ve dreamed up is not perfect – it won’t be until I’ve bought and similarly abused four Carnifex kits – but it’ll provide me with some of the stuff I’ll need later, and give me something to play against eleven-year-olds without immediately destroying their hopes and dreams.  It’ll also give me some models I can ruin while I’m testing colourschemes, because goodness knows I’ll need them.

I’ll be using the Battleforces to build:

HQ: Tyranid Prime with rending claws, adrenal glands, toxin sacs and regeneration

Actually, this is going to be the first of my second Warrior unit (keeping up?), but while there’s only one of him he’ll do as a stopgap HQ.  I’ve an eye on something better for Primes on eBay, but we’ll have to see how that turns out.

Elites: Hive Guard

Elites: Hive Guard

Two Tyranid Warriors with venom cannons, extra spikes and armour, and a repose.  Grobble grobble, show me the transports.  Each to be added to as further Warrior boxes are purchased.

Troops: 3 Tyranid Warriors with deathspitters

I like Tyranid Warriors.  Always have.  These are mid-ranged troop-killers and backup synapse.  Might stick a barbed strangler in there, might not (I’m not the world’s biggest fan of variant ‘nids in broods).

Troops: 10 Termagants

Troops: 10 Termagants

Troops: 10 Termagants

Obligatory objective campers.  They’ll come in useful when I get around to building Tervigons, too, which is why I want so many.

Troops: 20 Hormagaunts

Something fast, cheap and choppy to rush out and threaten other people’s objectives with. Option to be fielded in two squads.  Have twelve left over, which may be sold or may be kept for horde foolishness if that takes my fancy.

Elites: 8 Ymgarl Stealers

These guys rather appeal to me, and not just for the face-tentacles.  The slightly improved statline, interesting deployment options and ability to pick a key stat to buff up have a certain charm.  Apparently there are enough Not Cthulhu Inspired Honest heads in each ‘stealer box to make four of these bad boys, hence needing the equivalent of two boxes.

Points to be made up either with unit upgrades or eight cheap Genestealers, since they’re in the boxes.  If the Genestealers don’t get used, they get sold; no skin off mine.

Oh, and by the way, Níðhöggr, or ‘Malice Striker’ as it’s roughly translated, is the dragon gnawing on one of the roots of Yggdrasill the World Tree in Norse mythology.  That’s… strangely appropriate, I feel, as is this:

She saw a hall standing,
far from the sun,
in Náströnd;
its doors are northward turned,
venom-drops fall
in through its apertures:
entwined is that hall
with serpent’s backs.
She there saw wading
the sluggish streams
bloodthirsty men
and perjurers,
and him who the ear beguiles
of another’s wife.
There Nidhögg sucks
the corpses of the dead;
the wolf tears men.
Understand ye yet, or what?

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  1. >Allow 'intense debate.' That's the current comment system =PAnd my, I'm getting plugs on the internet? Today is a very good day, indeed.Consider giving all your warriors and big daddy warriors swords. It's really the only combat option that matters on them.

  2. >You can cut them off, and glue them on top. Add some cool veins and scratches to the 'blades,' and job's a good 'un.Alternatively, cut the talon off completely, file the top of the 'hand' down a bit, and attach a long piece of sheet plastic.Cut, scratch, and file it until it looks kinda sword/tooth like.Gonna talk a lot about warriors in the coming article.

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