[WM/H] Death In The Thornwood: I’ll Trade Two Of Yours For One Of Mine

What’s he on about, this devilish Von chap?  Character ‘jacks, of course.

I began my second turn by allocating one focus point to the Reaper, two to a Helldiver, and three to the Deathjack.  Deryliss cast Overrun on the Deathjack, Mortenebra used Recalibration and cast Terminal Velocity, and then the stage was set for mayhem.

The Reaper moved right, shot at Blessing of Vengeance, and dragged it out of its place in the Menite lines.  I’d been planning on going for the Avatar, moving it forward so Gaze of Menoth wouldn’t affect the Deathjack, which in turn would allow the Deathjack to trash the Vassal hiding behind the Avatar as well as one of the other heavies.  As Neal pointed out, though, the Menite ‘jacks were actually base to base, so the Avatar could only be dragged directly forwards, and moving the Reaper to pull that off would leave it in the way of the Mechanithralls and Deathjack.

So I went for Blessing of Vengeance instead – dragged it into a position where both Brutes could charge, combo strike, enjoy their rerolls from Mortenebra’s feat and scrap the bounder.  There are photos of this, but they are poor in quality, even by the tenuous standards of this report, and so they will not be appearing.  The Scrap Thralls charged into the Avatar, Death Bursting and softening it up for the Deathjack, which took its free charge from Terminal Velocity and spent four focus defiling Menoth’s holy work.

My Bloat Thrall killed three members of Menoth’s Choir and did a point of damage to Vilmon, who’d run forwards rather than adopt his silly impenetrable stance or whatever it’s called.  Finally, my Helldiver slammed the Castigator into Vilmon, doing another point of damage to the High Paladin.

Neal allocated three focus to the Castigator, one of which went on shaking off the knockdown effect, three to the Templar, and one to the Repenter, spending the change on upkeeping Eye of Menoth.  His Exemplar Seneschal charged the Deathjack and smote it down, allowing the Templar (under the influence of Infuse) to batter it into its component parts.

The Vassal patched up the Castigator, which charged into a Brute Thrall and used Combustion to take out four Mechanithralls, both Brutes, and a good chunk of the Helldiver.  The Repenter scorched two Bile Thralls off the face of Caen, and the Cleansers… oh, the Cleansers.

They moved up, lined up, and after an Incinerate and four Sprays, they’d taken out five Bile Thralls, two Necrotechs, and put a big burny cloud on the Slayer, which alas did little damage.  I say ‘alas’ because the Slayer still being active and within command range of Deryliss, who was for once not dead, played Right Into My Hands – doubly so, since Neal made quite a big mistake this turn.  Last activation of the turn, he measured Severius’ control area, moved him up, measured the control area again, pulled two Focus off the Wracks, and feated… and then it suddenly dawned on him that he’d measured the control area twice, known his feat had no chance of touching Mortenebra, and used it anyway.

Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

3 thoughts on “[WM/H] Death In The Thornwood: I’ll Trade Two Of Yours For One Of Mine”

  1. >What you can see in the background is the street outside my house; the gaming table fits rather perfectly in the bay window at the front.It was, certainly, a bit of an arse moment for him. Not that it cost him the game or anything, far from it, but it made him take more pummelling than he should have.

  2. >Why the heck did I feat when I know its only useful when your caster is in my cntrl range? Doh! This is one of the best games I have played recently, as I wanted to use jacks – I felt they were effective against both swarms and heavier hitters. Both forces were really well balanced for each other, and it really could have gone either way. What made the game even better, was the quality of the scenery and board, which really gave a theme feel to the game, which Von then portrayed in the write-up. Good work :-)Playing against Cryx, I was expecting much more aggresive spells coming my way, but the reaper doing the shooting caught me off guard, taking care of my crowd controlling Blessing of Vengeance.The idea of keeping your mind on both scenario and caster kill, winning objectives, takes a lot to remember, and I think Von just let slip the scenario objective while considering caster killing Severius.Again, good game, and look forward to the next larger game we can get in, maybe around the Christmas break

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