State of the System

Ahh, the end of term; a fortnight in which tempers fray, workloads intensify, and what free time the teaching profession has is gobbled up by sorting out the previous two months’ assessment data.

Apart from the catharsis of WoW, my hobby time has been committed to actually making/painting/playing things.  No, there are no pictures (maybe I should have asked for a digital camera for Festivus?), at least not yet, so you’ll have to make do with a nice list:

  1. Experimenting with gesso in hand-undercoating all those Tyranids has proven pretty successful; it’s covered fairly well, left a nice texture, and hasn’t gummed up too much detail.  It’s certainly no worse than the cheap car primer I normally use.
  2. Bought more Skorne; two units of Arcuarii and one of Paingiver Beast Handlers take the list to 25 points and Tier 2 of Morghoul’s Big Game Hunter theme list (advance deploying Cataphracts?  Oh go on then…).
  3. Tested out Epic Skarre Shooty Solo Spam in its pure form against Neal’s Menites.  Pistol Wraiths won the game for me, to be honest, as did Neal’s consistent ability to roll one less on two or three dice than he needed to for every crucial roll (that’s usually my job), although I do think he misplayed somewhat in underusing his Revenger’s arc node and committing the ‘jack to melee instead (he’s been ill, that’s totally it – perhaps it’s Loser’s Lurgy?).
  4. Made the difficult decision to gut my Dark Elf collection; the linchpin unit (Cauldron) and the units that made me field the linchpin unit (Witches, Executioners) are gone, as are the Spearmen, who were never modelled to my satisfaction, and the Bolt Throwers, which were just slowing me down.  I now face the awkward choice between resurrecting the Dark Elves with more fast, aggressive, self-sufficient pieces, or working on some sort of Chaos.  Warriors would be nice, as I have three Chaos Knights lying around and a powerful urge to build some more, although the call of the Beastman is also strong, especially given the opportunity for swarms of cool Chariots and the way most of the UK seems to think the book is unplayable rather than surprisingly varied if slightly challenging, which is what I think of it.  Maybe I’ll do enough Warriors for Chosen and Knights and then proxy some Beasts in as Marauders and lesser Warriors if I want to use that book.  Yes… yes, that sounds like it has some merit to it..

Anyway, I have one day of term left, one instalment of Von’s Frugal Year to write, and then I’m buggering off to Manchester for a well-deserved Festivus break.  Transmissions will resume in the New Year!

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