What I Did On My Holidays: Playing!

Hordes! Arcuarii are turning out rather well, although the Internet wasn’t kidding about them being better as a support unit; they hit hard but for eight-wound infantry they don’t half die fast. That said, when they don’t die they tend to trash anything they can reach, and they’ve pulled a lovely drag-and-whack move on Severius in my test game against the Pink Menites (that’s Menites painted pink, not Menites played by Kirby).  Robbie’s gunlinely Cygnar are proving more of a challenge, and I misdeployed badly in my first game against them.  The rematch is coming up in a couple of weeks, and we’ll see whether our little chat about how the Big Game Hunters handle gunlines has been worthwhile.

Warmachine! The Cryx came out for another 50 point game, again featuring Mortenebra and again against Neal, although this time he was trying out his new Magnus army.  It didn’t go well.  The Deathjack was able to embed itself in his army and a classic Mortenebra assassination unfolded, with a Helldiver bringing the additional move that let a Terminal Velocity’d Deathjack sitting on five focus walk up to Magnus and rip his squashy bits off.  There was a follow-up game with Skorne; what I chiefly remember from that was our hilarious experiment with opposite corner deployment, which led to a ponderous game as the Skorne battlegroup trudged westward and the Mercenaries shot up the Arcuarii struggling to engage them.

40K! The first game with Hive Fleet Níðhöggr was fun (Capture and Control vs. Edd ‘Major Blackheart’ and his Imperial Guard, in a draw which would have been a Tyranid victory if it had but ended one turn sooner); I’m certainly seeing some problems with the tackling of armour values, though, as a combination of poor Tyranid BS and moderate S stats makes cracking vehicles from a safe distance rather hard (my consistent ability to roll ones and twos on the damage chart isn’t helping either). Needs more Hive Guard and probably a Tyrannofex.

That’s a quick summary of my holiday gaming, which will doubtless provoke a Skorne strategery post somewhere down the line as I muse some more on the Big Game Hunters and where to go from here.  I have one final thing to say about my holiday activities, but it’ll take some brewing…

You may now commence belching

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