What I Did On My Holidays: Planning!

I’ve been thinking about WFB.

I sold off so many Dark Elves that I barely have an army at all, and I have been flabberghasted as I confront the cost of building a new force (how expensive are Bestigors, for units that want to be fielded in thirties? how expensive is the Reaper Bolt Thrower kit?), so the planned Beast horde has been shelved as unachievable from my current financial position.  Besides, the thing with GW games is that they’re my hobby games (whereas Hordesmachine is my ‘try to win’ game), and there’s another option that appeals more from the hobby perspective.

For Frugal reasons, I’m that hung up on low model counts that I’m starting to cast baleful glances at the Official Worst Army Ever once again – they have their faults but there’s not many of them and new-WFB has definitely done them some favours, and did I mention there’s not many of them?  Because there aren’t.  And I can paint them quite well.  I worried that they’re a bit close to my Skorne (in terms of being a slow army of armoured dudes), but then reasoned that my Tyranids are a bit close to my Cryx (a large army of fast dudes with deceptively good ranged potential) and they seem to be doing okay.

The voices are starting to suggest that I can do my planned Chariot conversions for Chaos Warriors to ride on, redo my Marauder Centaur conversions and Chosen kitbashes from back in the day, and even put the Marauders from the Battalion set to good use in constructing a Norse Blood Bowl team (I’ve been playing Cyanide’s Blood Bowl PC thing quite a bit recently, and will discourse on it at a later date).

There’s also the small matter of this –

– which has long ago managed the business of convincing me that Tzeentch is awesome and scary and can actually fight perfectly well.

Oh, and it’s post 100, by the way.  As above, so below: this ‘about the blog’ chat will continue to be tucked away at the end of proper entries where it belongs, rather than up at the top with all the too-rah-lah and fol-de-rol that other, more frivolous souls afford to their ephemeral milestones.  This is Business Most Serious.  Oh yeah.  Look that squig in the eye and tell me it ain’t.

In the spirit of Serious Business: the fact that this is the first of several blogs I’ve run where I’ve actually even noticed post numbers of ‘significance’ or bothered to check how many people are following should indicate either that I’m taking this more seriously, or that it’s become worth taking more seriously, so thank y’all for reading and please continue to do so.

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