Settle, Settle: The Worst Army Ever?

I wish I could quit you.

Those of you who follow the Frugal blog, or indeed those of who you have seen me around the Internet in any capacity whatsoever, will already know this part of the story.

When I flogged off my Vampire Counts I returned to my original great WFB love, the Warriors of Chaos.  My original Warriors army was actually one of those revitalised projects that I lost interest in, and then went back to and repainted and remodelled and generally made look nice again, just in time for combined arms Chaos to be re-released out of existence (I just can’t catch a break with armies that stay viable across multiple editions).  Naturally I sold them, as part of the imposition of my Rule of One (vitally important, since at the time I had seven armies for four games but couldn’t afford food); the Vampires were more viable and thus they got to stay.

My second attempt at the Warriors of Chaos was another conversion-heavy army (lots of part swaps and reposes within the Battalion, two scratchbuilt Sorcerers, and a big batch of converted Centaurs), with an army-wide theme (Four Horsemen; four mounted characters, one for each God, and a retinue for each of them, because I’m old-school and remember when Chaos had their own barking mad army selection system involving equivalent point costs in troops for every character) and the beginnings of a backstory.  I did some paintjobs and conversions which I still remember as lovely.

Unfortunately, I was playing it in a tournament-crazed local meta that looked askance on any game that wasn’t 2000 point tournament practice; I had to borrow shop models and play bigger games than I wanted to just to get any games in at all.  The few games I played with the Warriors were hateful – I was experimenting and learning how to play a new army, everyone else was honing established strategies of destruction – and my attempts to construct a 2000 point list were halting and frustrating, because I hadn’t had the chance to develop my understanding over time the way I had with my Vampires.

They were gone inside three months, as was any enthusiasm I had for GW games in general.  I’ve never had such a poisonous gaming experience as that, before or since.  The trouble is, I now associate the Warriors with that experience, and no matter how many cool ideas I have for them, I just think ‘shitty gaming’, and that’s the end of that.  The army still speaks to me on some level, still wants to invite me in, but it has so much baggage.

Plus, I’ve been bitten by that ‘I have THE BEST IDEA for a conversion… wait, I can’t afford it’ bug way too often to let my enthusiasm get the better of me…

… maybe that’s a point to bear in mind for the greater goal of this series.  I can’t settle because I can’t let myself be enthusiastic and do something big; I’m locked into thinking small and frugal and painstaking and somehow less exciting.

It’s also worth considering that, despite the tactical limitations of the army, I might do better with a tactically limited force that I enjoy than a tactically open one that I don’t.  For all that the Warriors have no midrange shooting and an overdependence on expensive Sorcerers who edge out the cool melee characters, an army with midrange shooting and cool melee characters recently failed to set my world on fire as well.

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