[WFB] WoC Quickie – Testing The Waters

I have a Chaos Lord build I want to try out, and I think it makes sense within the rules as written, but I want to acid-test people’s reactions to it before I plonk it down on a table in a list that’s been designed with it in mind and would be a git to retool and rebalance.  So, your thoughts on the following, if you have any:

  1. A model with the Book of Secrets “becomes a level 1 Wizard”.  Wizards may take Arcane Items.  Therefore, a Chaos Lord (or Exalted Hero) with the Book may take Arcane Items.
  2. A model with the Book of Secrets may use spells from the Lores of Death, Shadow or Fire.  However, a Wizard with a Mark of Chaos must use the Lore for the appropriate Chaos God.  How do we resolve this conflict?

I assume that ‘must’ takes precedence over ‘may’ – that makes sense, but it’s an argument that’s rooted in other game systems with consistent and established house styles and vocabulary for rules mechanics, and frankly I’m never sure whether GW actually has any of that or not.

By my reckoning, a Chaos Lord (or Exalted Hero) with the Book of Secrets and Mark of Tzeentch is a level 1 Wizard with one Tzeentch spell and a +1 to his casting roll (and Ward Save if he has one, which he should). Furthermore, he may carry other Arcane Items if his owner is inclined to do so.

Am I on brain drugs or not?

By the way, there is a reason behind this particular Lord/Hero build, honestly; you’ll see what I’m driving at when I start posting army lists. Suffice to say, for now, that I want a decent Ld stat and a second Wizard in my Lord allowance, and this is a way to get both, especially since my Dispelling needs are being addressed elsewise.

3 thoughts on “[WFB] WoC Quickie – Testing The Waters

Add yours

  1. >My thoughts on this one are that for the games I'd imagine you playing this would be ok. I would suspect at tournaments etc you might face the wrath of the rules lawyers.If you were playing me I'd have no problem with it although I trust there will be a nice bit of fluff to justify how this all came to be?

  2. >At the moment, it's my way of representing a proper Tzeentch Lord, i.e. an accomplished warrior-mage who can count on a degree of obedience from his followers. I'll be sure to write up a 'How Ogvald Found The Book' post at some stage, though. :D

  3. >Additional: I'm less worried about rules lawyers than I am about incapable rules lawyers. I think the rules as written are fairly clear on this one, but people do get so sensitive about displays of logic and reading comprehension these days.

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