[WM/H] Been Painting: Sundry Cryx

An Epic Deneghra conversion based on the plastic Warwitch Deneghra from the starter box.  Far more interestingly posed than Little Miss Stand-Here-Scratching-My-Ghostly-Arse, I think, although the neck joint looks like trash and will need to be redone, and the base needs some sort of blended lighting effect so that it actually ties in with the rest of her and doesn’t clash so blatantly.

Having mixed up far too much of the ghostly skin colour for Deneghra, I figured I’d repaint the Nightmare to match.  I like him more this way, although I’m a bit concerned about that base – again, it doesn’t entirely harmonise with the figure, and I feel it offends the eye slightly.  JT-Y over at the Warhammer Forum brought the issue of clashing bases to my eye and explained that the simplest approach is simply to use a sort of muddy palette on the miniature, so that the brown holds everything together.  Pastel ghostly green probably qualifies as ‘somewhat harder to pull off’. I thought I’d pulled it off by using the eyeblinding green of the static grass on everything’s tubes and furnaces and glowing eyes, but the last few more adventurous colourscheme variations have shown the limitations of that approach.

This is the problem with trying to get away from Dark and Boring colours – they need Not Dark Or Boring bases to sit with them.  Fine, but if I indulge my taste for variety and take different approaches to different pieces, the army may end up looking bitty and incoherent, and not match my board either.   I’m half tempted to rebase all my Cryxians in sort of ‘battlegroup’ styles, so all of the Satyxis and Revenants will have bits of broken ship like Skarre, while all the Thrall infantry and line ‘jacks get the soil-grass-and-scrap-metal treatment, and the Banes get murky swamp water – but will busy bases be clashing and unattractive in their own right?

Not for the first time, I begin to think that I’m not really an army painter… would it be so bad to quit even trying, play the game with unpainted stuff, and only paint up what actually takes my fancy?  It feels Wrong.  I do like having fully painted armies, but I don’t like the nagging knowledge that the paint jobs are self-sabotaging.

This Seether was made from the plastic Slayer that came with the plastic Deneghra (since it didn’t have the alternate arms or heads from the full plastic kit).  There are parts from Lich Lord Terminus (the collar and armour plates around the furnace, and the tusks), a Deathripper (the jaw), a Trollkin Champion (the head), an Ork Dreadnought (the tubes) and two Bane Thrall Lieutenants (the trophy racks).  I’m worried that the carapace looks a bit plain, but I’m sure I can jazz it up with paintwork.

These Revenants were originally badly damaged during shipping (damn you Bartertown!), but some creative use of the old WFB Skeleton bits I’ve been hoarding for years has got them back on their feet.  Some of them aren’t necessarily equipped with the ‘right’ weapons, but what you have to remember is Death Toll.  The Revenant Crew have an extremely active recruiting policy, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that that chap at the front is obviously an ex-Menite, while his pal with the large axe is a Winter Guardsman who’s grabbed a pirate hat from somewhere.

Author: Jon

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