Old Stuff Day! Von’s Mercenary Army


In part two of my Old Stuff adventures, I thought I’d show you some pictures of a late and lamented hobby project; my small army of Cygnaran traitors for Warmachine.  Originally constructed in the early days of my Warmachining, when I naively held out hope that they’d ever be fielded as second warcaster and battlegroup in my Cryx army (yeah, like anyone plays two-caster games unless I make them), they rapidly blossomed into an army in their own right, and I still think they’re one of the nicer-looking forces I’ve produced.  However, they went unused for a little while too long, and when I needed some liquid cash and storage space at the end of my teacher training, they were the first thing to go.



The idea was to field a uniform Magnus battlegroup in the dark blues favoured by the Cygnaran army at the time of his exile (since the Traitor ain’t gonna waste money on repaints), and liven up his custom warjacks with parts obviously scavenged from his employers or defeated opponents, hence the Khadoran, Cryxian and Menite colours visible on those models.

The infantry, meanwhile, were Trenchers from the Fort Falk garrison (since this army was intended to sit alongside a future Skorne project, in a sort of interwoven collection sense), and Long Gunners from the Dead Line (the garrison chiefly tasked with pointing themselves at Cryx and looking as offputting as possible).

I’d even had plans for a narrative campaign in which Magnus was in the pay of Cryx, impersonating a Cygnaran patrol from the Dead Line and attempting to provoke hostilities along the western edge of the Khador-Cygnar border. Alas, I needed the money more than I needed the backstory to my gaming, and the plans came to naught.

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  1. >@Neal – yeah, you can definitely spot the photos I just took to put on eBay, can't you?I'd go to town like that on the Cryx, but weathering bare metal's harder and I don't think they're the type to necessarily paint things…@redmanphill – it was quite good fun, it just became a drain on resources after a while.

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