[WM/H] Ask Uncle Von: Too Much, Too Soon?

Robbie emailed in (again):

Got some more angst I wouldn’t mind Uncle Von’s thoughts on……

Legion, to sell or not to sell, that is the question?

I like the Legion background and the idea of the whole thing being underpinned by the conciousness of Everblight. The art is nice and I can see how you can build and run some nasty nasty lists but………………..

I’ve realised I’m not keen on the minis, started to paint em and decided I don’t like the idea of painting pale blue and black yet can’t think of a different colour scheme that works.

They are pretty cheaty, if it wasn’t for Cryx everyone would cry foul everytime somebody played Legion. My current mindset is to leave them in the case and learn to play properly with Cygnar. Legion ignore so many rules I find myself not learning to play the game!

I wonder if I bought my second faction too early into my Warmahordesing? I enjoy Cygnar and I think I might better off selling the Legion to invest in more Cygnar

Or (I know this contradicts the above) I keep having lustfull ideas towards Ashlynn themed Mercs and/or Farrow!

Well, chap, you wouldn’t be the first.  I painted a modest Legion force for someone about three years ago, pale blue and black, and I rapidly came to despise them.  I don’t know if it’s that scheme or those models, but there’s something about them which I found really demotivating…

The someone I was painting for – we’ll call him Blackheart, I think, that’s the a.k.a. he used to use back in the day – was actually learning the game with them.  It didn’t last.  His choice of faction may or may not have had anything to do with this, but I honestly don’t feel it helped – I agree that you do bypass a good deal of the subtleties of the system when a lot of your stuff ignores line of sight, free strikes, rough terrain and so on and so forth, and consequently the game comes across as simpler than it is.

Personally, I bought into three factions within the first year of play – Cryx, Mercenaries and Trollbloods – and arguably that was at least one too many.  I do think that if you’re going to have a second faction, it’s better that it be from the opposite game, so that you develop hands-on experience with the different battlegroup dynamics – if you’ve played with and learned both focus and fury, you understand the errors that it’s possible to make and how to exploit them.

That said, as a Cygnar player, you have it easier than the Hordes folk looking to come the other way, as you can hire Lesser Warlocks.  I’d advise picking up a Lesser Warlock so you can keep your familiarity with fury and frenzy, but trading out your Legion for more Cygnar, especially since you’re currently favouring a gunliney sort of gameplay and adding some alternative choices would broaden what you could do with that faction.  Try Rorsh and Brine – they’ll be usable with the Farrow if you decide to travel down such a path (and I could hardly blame you for doing so).

Hope this helps!

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  1. >Thanks for the advice VonI have decided to sellIn short I don't want to paint them and although I will play with unpainted minis I don't like it, esp at tournaments which I want to do more of.The monies raised will fund more Cygnar and some Minions, already dreaming of painting Wrastler in Rey Mysterio style mask!You'll also be pleased to know my Cygnar aren't so much of a gunline now, I'm testing pStryker, Stormblades + UA, Stormclad and Ironclad as a core, it hits pretty hard :)

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