[WM/H] Ask Uncle Von: Are My Cryxies Tricksy?

Neal B emailed in:

Hey bud,

Thought this would be a better way to pick your brains!  I have only played 4 games with the Cryx, but feel very at home using them, havaing been on their recieving end many times.  The reason why, is that 3 years of Menoth, has got me no-where anywhere neat competative, so a little change to what I have most of, and 2 casters is my reason for choosing Cryx.  Here’s my model list:

P Deneghra
P Goreshade the Cursed

Plastic jack kit (Reaper, Slayer, or Corruptor)

min Bane Thralls + UA
Bane Lord Tartarus

With all that is there, it seems heavy hitting, but struggling with swarms – the answer..Bloat and Bile Thralls!  I also think that sprays would work well, so the Warwitch Siren.

Now, that was a very superficial answer.

What I need, is to be using the Cryx Tryx of debuff, spell slinging, soul harvesting, making use of destroyed and destroying.  To this end, the Warwitch still brings the tryx, Cankerworm, and Withershadow Combine, following that would be the Skarlock and maybe Nightmare or Deathjack.

I have just notices Croe’s Cutthroats can also be taken, they may be a good answer to some problems..

What do you think Uncle Von?  Are my thoughts along the path of Cryx, or do I need to play more games with them to bring out their deeper levels of play..

Dum Dum Deeeeee. . . .


Neal B

Well, let’s have a think.  By starting out with the Warwitch, you pretty much ensure that you’ll be learning most of the key tricks as you go along – the layering of one debuff atop another, or the spreading around to ensure that key targets have the right weaknesses opened up.

One thing that I think you’re missing is a Skarlock; the ability to triple-dip a debuff spell over two turns (cast, upkeep, engage target, recast with Skarlock/Denny, engage target, recast with Denny/Skarlock, leave running for next turn) cannot be overestimated and if you’re not doing that, there’s always Venom.  I really think the Skarlock adds more to Deneghra’s suite of abilities than the Siren, who will more often than not be relegated to Power Boosting an arc node forward every turn.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s useful, especially if you need a boosted Scourge to set something up (that spell makes for really tight focus turns), but I’d put the Skarlock slightly further up the ol’ list than that.

The issue that you may encounter with Bile Thralls is that they have to get within 6″ of the enemy to do what they do best, and there are plenty of ways to make that harder than it needs to be.  Bloat Thralls have the advantage of being able to engage from something like a respectable distance, which I think is lacking from your current collection (a Corruptor is by no means bad, but it’s a bit expensive and lacks either the large AOE or high ROF necessary to really do the business).  I’d actually recommend them over the Cutthroats, simply because the Cutthroats are very limited in their preferred targets (they need living targets with multiple wounds or high ARM to truly shine, as they’re overkill against anything lighter and can’t do squat to ‘jacks or constructs) and quite expensive, while Bloaters are cheap and chuck out sufficient POW to ping Khador ARM on average rolls and don’t care what they’re shooting at as long as they can damn well hit it.

To be honest, though, your primary means of dealing with swarms is to simply bypass them and engage what’s behind, whether it’s with a Ghost Walked Seether trampling over them or Bloat Thralls shooting over them.  Most of the time, your opponent wants you to engage their swarm, either so they can bog you down or so they can use the casualties to trigger various effects.

As a Cryx player, you should never feel obliged to do what your opponent wants you to do – they want you to fight something, you’ve got to find a way to ignore it and project force around, under, past or through it, or at the very least throw your own swarm at it and take advantage of your ability to resurrect stuff (you play a High Reclaimer list, I know you know how to do that part.  :p)

That said, if you do feel compelled to engage swarms, here’s a hint; try the Harrower with Goreshade.  Kill a few, bag their souls, then pull the ‘jack to safety with Soul Gate.  It can’t be knocked down, so Hero’s Tragedy bulldada is unlikely, it’s pretty tough for a Cryx ‘jack, and it can operate at range, something which Goreshade’s not very good at and which he actually facilitates by giving it Stealth.

If you have to engage, find a way to pull out, to make your opponent think you’ve fallen into his trap and then have some way of bypassing it.  Violate the usual rules of engagement.  Move out of turn.  Extend threat ranges.  Ignore free strikes.  This is why the Nightmare is so revoltingly good – it does two out of those three things all on its lonesome and it’s easy to make it do the third.  That’s what Cryx do best – surprise people, and not play fair.  You’re doing all right with your selections so far, but you’re still thinking that you have to engage and destroy, and you really don’t.  You might not net any big VP scores, but if you have to commit to an attrition battle to get them, you’ll end up losing more than you gain.  It’s better to win by a little than lose by a lot.

Welcome to the dark side.

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  1. Uncle Von! I’m a newbie Cryx player–could you please explain that triple-dip in more detail? I’m not understanding it and would really like to. Thanks!

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