Reservoir Gobs

Whilst handing in what is (probably) the most important document I have ever written today, I passed by my friendly local games emporium (as opposed by my unfriendly, slightly more local games emporium) and happened to recall that I had some ill-gotten gains about my person.

These have now been parted with and expended, in Frugal fashion, on a group of miniatures which should broach two different sets of new horizons at once: a new miniatures game, and a new roleplaying experience.  They were, assuredly, a bit spendy at £25 for 5, but I choose to live with that since there’s going to be a lot done with them.

Yes, the plunge has been taken; I now own some figures for Malifaux, despite my stated misgivings; the game is fun enough to warrant further, cautious experimentation.  Why did I not proxy heavily and make a choice based on accumulated information about my playstyle?  Because I wanted some goblins with guns.

See, the regular Star Wars RPers enjoyed their Pathfinder-with-Goblins so much that they have requested more Goblin shenanigans.  I want to run the Iron Kingdoms.  There are goblins in that setting.  Hence this bunch of armed and dangerous green midgets.  I belive this is what’s called ‘a compromise’, and a timely one at that, since regular GM Simon has a real job now and consequently can’t be available to herd seven adults into the same space at the same time, a challenge that has been rather too… challenging of late.  I intend to avoid this by herding fewer people if at all possible, hence capping the group at five.

I’ve decided to pre-generate and distribute some built characters that suit the available miniatures and cover some of the setting’s stronger archetypes (there’s a Bodger, an Arcane Mechanik and a Gun Mage in there), but to do so with the players’ known preferences and stated desires to experiment in mind.  Any backstory that I have in mind is skeletal, chiefly of the “here is a plot hook about your character” variety that can be chased up and developed in a manner of the player’s choosing – or not.  Nothing about personalities save what can be derived by extrapolation from the stats.  I’ll save the “right, roll three sets of stats for level zero disposable characters and you can keep any that make it out of the first dungeon alive” business for later.

I do have some exciting GM resources that I’m using, in accordance with my wanting to use technology more and paper less; they will be the subject of a later post, though.  I’ve been up since four in the morning and working for most of that time and frankly I want to go to bed now.

Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

4 thoughts on “Reservoir Gobs”

  1. The bayou goblins (gremlins?) are clearly the most awesome Malifaux faction. They’re the ones I was thinking of getting.

    Are you applying for a research degree? What area? I’ve just started a few months ago and it’s great so far. I still can’t believe I get my own office and my job is to read interesting books and then sit in a cafe discussing them with my peers. I feel horribly over-privileged just writing that – I have to keep reminding myself of the years I spent working minimum wage to get where I am.

    I’m still on minimum wage now, but it’s totally worth it :)

  2. Education and English; or English and Education, depending which way round I feel like spinning it on a given day. Exploring curriculum design and resourcing for English Literature courses and seeing whether they actually assess what they claim to assess.

    It is a horrible privilege, this academic lifestyle; I could never have brought myself to apply for a pure Literature project. The project I’m hoping to do does have some direct social value and input into the practices of Britain’s schools and exam boards. It feels slightly worthier than my previous ideas for PhDs, which I would describe as interesting but self-indulgent.

  3. Nice choice with the Gremlins, I’ve just picked up Rasputina and crew.

    I’d like to suggest an article for sometime when you don’t have anything gamey to say

    “Kaptain Von’s 10 must read novels”

    I always considered myself quite well read but recently have started to feel that I’ve been seduced by GW fiction and haven’t read a proper book in ages so where do I start redressing the balance?

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