[IKRPG] Reservoir Gobs: The Sprawl

Ticking off Beedo’s principles of making a good megadungeon:

  • Many large levels – crag overlooking the town (featuring church/graveyard, layer of village), forested slopes thereof, the town’s buildings (surrounded by fields and forest), canals and swamp and ruined docks, beneath the surface of the swamp and lake.
  • Highways in and out – road leading north into Khadoran territory, railway leading south to Cygnar, riverboats heading east or west to Rhul or Ord.
  • Themed levels and sub levels – a mini-dungeon out in the swamp, another one under the crag, and controlled space with patrol radii for four active factions plus a fifth passive one.
  • Set piece locations – home base, away base, every damn industrial photograph I’ve taken in the last two years.
  • Multi dimensional challenges – factory spaces with multiple layers inside and multiple structural elements (yards, outhouses, galleries, forges, cellars).
  • Mostly empty – 33% encounter density – shouldn’t be too hard if I adjust the Tarot system a bit so that faction is determined by area of dungeon and encounter type by suit flip.
  • Plan to restock! – easy enough given that three of the factions are actively connected to military-industrial complices.
  • Gold as XP – can do and will be a nice quick tracking mechanism.
  • Deeper levels = greater danger – outer areas = greater danger.
  • Resource management – oh, guys, get ready to count your bullets!
  • Factions and NPCs – see above.
  • Information flow – patrons, rumors, treasure maps – base camp NPCs, local knowledge Skills on damn near every character.  Might prepare some maps of the city pre-war so they have at least some idea of the layout.

Time for bed soon.  Ready to roll, though?

You may now commence belching

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