[WoW] On Playstyles

The character ‘builds’ I favour in RPGs that cater for that sort of thing, and MMORPGs in particular, are focused on control and manipulation, changing the tempo of an encounter or scene rather than playing a set role in its dynamics.  For all that my first WoW character was a Warlock, her Affliction focus is less on raw damage output than on control effects; fear that pins in place or sends you running, a curse that slows you down, damage that can be cloned from one target onto another, a pet that knocks back or locks down key targets and a focus on mobility and instant casts apart from a couple of ‘must stand stills’.  Numerically optimal it is not, but it’s exciting in a way that Demonology, the cruise-control levelling spec, isn’t.  The fact that my other longest serving character is a Shaman with a variety of single-target, area-of-effect and feedback-loop spells and an array of situational buffs, purges and summons for all occasions hints at a similar approach.  I want to love stealthy things like Feral Druids but they slow me down too much; melee was spoiled for me by the Death Knight and its sheer impervious hail of abilities that draw in or slow down targets, hit one place or an area…

Hark, meanwhile, is into short-term; no waiting for things to charge up or other things to trigger, but doing lots of things at a different time.  Her Rogue’s ability to stab at you in three different ways per second is part of what endears her to the class – resources are built up and consumed but as a result of doing stuff, as well as as a prerequisite.  Things that have a random chance of triggering enrage her; things that she can do sans resources, while waiting for them to come back please her.  The Hunter, meanwhile, offers some interaction with the pet, sending it off to attack something while she shoots; she draws comparisons with the Mage, which is an exercise in either firing a wand repeatedly or waiting for a big spell to charge or be channeled while being beaten up.  On the matter of the Paladin she is less certain, emitting a sort of farty indecisive harrumph.  It might just be the sheer invulnerability and power of the class – similar to my relationship with the Death Knight.

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  1. Ah, WoW. Played 7 months on the end-Wrath cycle and ended up with a Death Knight as my main.

    So, I missed the wave of Overpoweredness and I was thrown into “you need 2 pieces tier 10 to be able to use the only viable raid spec on a 5-man heroic because is an AoE increase, Blood is bad at AoE and DPS’ers are blowing their load on the mobs before you cna even touch them”.

    Not that I’m bitter or anything.

    Since then, in all MMO’s that I played, I decided to go to the Mage or Rogue equivalents. They are fun.

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