[40K OSR] Allies, and Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

So here’s an army idea that just came to me in a flash of inspiration.

I like Micro Art Studios’ Soviet Greenskin models.  This is Known.

What may not be known is that I also like the Vostroyan Imperial Guard models – well, I do, so much that I have written a backstory for a regiment that uses those as its Veterans and the Valhallan models as its core troops (compensating for the limited range of special weapon models available to the metal Guard ranges).

I also remember the days when Orks could, through the army selection mechanics that allowed 25% of your points to be spent on stuff from other army lists, include Imperial Guard wargear, and prior to that the Blood Axe Orks army list that actually included Human advisors and mercenaries (or ’employers’, given that the Blood Axes were in those days the treasonous fifth column of Orkoid society).

Finally, I recall a conversation with Herr Doktor Shiny (buy his art so he can move house, damn it, I miss the man!) in which he suggested giving “recidivist Guard” a go – not full on grobbly mutie Traitor Guard, which are a bit old hat, but Guard which are in some way outside the Imperial organisation.

And I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could draw on all these things and create an army which both revitalises the old ties between the Blood Axes and the Imperium and uses the more accessible and convertible Ork range to fill the gaps in my favourite Guard range?

Under this paradigm you’d have Vostroyan squads as the Storm Troopers with their plasma guns and grenade launchers, the stand-off-and-rapid-fire brigade with decent armour and an urge to keep their distance, and Micro Art Orks with cut-down burnas and shootas (meltaguns and shotguns) as the more close-ranged Veteran squads that go tank hunting and then assault the contents if they can.  Possibly the Micro Art Ork Generals and some Kromlech bits could create a convincing Colonel Strorken, as it were, keeping the shotgun thing going and affording the army some assault punch to adequately reflect the Orkiness?  Regular Guardsmen?  No problem.  Soviet Grots.  Would need to convert up some special and heavy weapons for them but that’s no real hardship, is it?  The presence of Orks means I could cut corners on the transports and put together some ramshackle Chimerork transports for the Veteran squads, and save the proper vehicles for Heavy Support (Hydras and artillery pieces with Vostroyan crew robbed off the Heavy Weapon Teams).

*sigh*  If I were a rich man… dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba dubba dum…

5 thoughts on “[40K OSR] Allies, and Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

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  1. You should do this it would be cool… wait, this is from 2011? I guess it’s even less achievable (by which I mean affordable) now than it was back then.

    In addition, I like the cut of Herr Doktor Shiny’s gib. Imperial soldiers who are traitors with a small t, rather than chaos-infested lunatics, is basically what my 40k army is. Terra is a long way off after all, and the xenos are often right next door.

    1. It’s been long enough that I had to go back and reread this post to remember what on Earth it was actually about.

      Still quite a good idea, but I have even less motivation to do it now than I did then. Probably more expensive too, what with Brexit and the Euro and Micro Art being all Polish and stuff. Or did Kromlech disassociate from Micro Art? I do not recall…

      1. Yes I got here from your little “posts you might like” widget at the bottom, and I did indeed like it, only it looks like the widget has no statute of limitations.

        I guess it’s a bad time to be a UK gamer right now. And I find the whole Brexit thing just weird. When the UK joined the EU it felt to me (all the way down here) like all the old cultural divides between Britain and mainland Europe fading away, and the beginning of some cyberpunk euro-nation where everyone was going to have bleached crew cuts and mirrorshades and pepper their English with German terms. Now it’s like you guys said “yeah… nah” and the rest of Europe is standing there like they’ve been slapped in the face. I suppose when I was a little boy the Soviet Union seemed inexorable, and then when I was ten or eleven it just collapsed. The EU might come and go in a fraction of our adult lifetimes.

        Speaking of Poland I got two artillery guns from maxmini and it was not *quite* as smooth as dealing with a UK company. I mean they got here within the quoted time frame and everything was all good, but I just got this email saying “your order has been received.” And then nothing until it came in the post. I’m a pampered Commonwealth boy used to getting constant updates, e.g. it’s now been taken off the shelf, it’s currently being packed, we stopped for a cup of tea but now we’ve sent it, etc.

        1. The widget has no such thing and nor do I. I’ve been saying for years that there’s no such thing as “dead content” and that thread necromancy will save us all. When a community prohibits thread necromancy you end up with the same stupid questions and the same stupid arguments going over and over again. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO POST IN AN EXISTING THREAD THAN TO START A NEW ONE, LITTLE BILLY. Does nobody else remember that? Confine the boring entry level stuff, for pity’s sake…

          The division between Britain and mainland Europe needed another generation or two to fully fade. There are still people alive who didn’t vote for EEC membership in the first place. Those people vote, and they are pillars of their communities with a surprising amount of influence over how others vote, and most of them have money. Plus, no matter how ausgezeichnicht the EU seems as an idea, it’s still a representative-democratic power bloc imposing the social order of late capitalism, in a particularly mercenary and – for want of a better word – gameable way. I’ve talked enough about this in other venues but I’ll end with the reminder that I used to be an absolute Euro-fanatic until I learned who owned the carcass of British Rail and how much food was being loaded, unloaded, reloaded and warehoused in order to game the subsidy systems.

          Those constant updates annoy me no end. The Poles have the right idea if you ask me. Tell me if something’s gone wrong, if not I’ll assume things will turn up eventually…

          1. I suppose it’s the general issue faced by all of the developing world: baby boomers don’t like retiring. My personal theory is that the unprecedented affluence they were treated to has made them terrified of loss of income. So by the time they are all finally forced to let go by dotage, the people who step up to replace them in positions of power will be tired and getting old themselves.

            Say what you like about the British royal family, the power dynamic between the Queen and Charles is a perfect reflection of Western society in general.

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