I’m not convinced these approaches are mutually exclusive.

I have been obsessing over Blood Bowl lately.  I now have a new desktop computermabob, you see, which is capable of many things; running World of Warcraft at something above the minimum settings (bizarrely, it looks worse in some regards – more like bright cutouts galloping around a paper world – although man, does it run better!), playing Civilisation IV at all, ever, and not freezing everything but the turn counter when I try to play Blood Bowl Legendary Edition on it.

On a whim, I decided to try out the Lizardmen, and… well, they’re like Chaos with all the weaknesses taken away.  Cheaper rerolls, a more controllable Big Guy, faster and dodgier supporting players and cheaper blockers – though admittely without the mutations, and it’s harder to set a Saurus up with the ball than it is a Chaos Warrior.  I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’m checking out Gaspez Arts’ Lizardmen to fill out my latest Well Frugal Purchase, missing as it is a starting team…


6 thoughts on “Blood Bowl: PURCHASE OF THE YEAR!

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  1. I used to love Blood Bowl in high school! It’s a great game.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever listened to the World’s End Radio podcast, but those guys love Blood Bowl. They can (and do) talk about it for hours. They have an active league in Western Australia that allows real world bribery and corruption. They pay each other in beers, minis or whatever to throw games, and for the league president to turn a blind eye.

    Best specialist game ever I reckon.

    1. I’ll take ‘fragile’ over ‘generic’ any day.

      Sure Hands is a bit of a pain in the arse, I admit, but I have a healthy supply of team re-rolls for that sort of thing. Kick is less of an issue because I have it on a spare Saurus who customarily Blitzes up to the front line on my first turn.

  2. Great game (IMHO this and Space Hulk are the 2 best games GW ever produced but that’s another topic).

    Lizardmen (nice minis btw) are a solid team, they have a good blend of speed and power and I’ve had some tight games against them. I agree your big problem is getting Sure Hands and Kick but as you say you have re-rolls for that.

    What’s your starting roster for Lizardmen look like?

    1. Kroxigor, four Saurus, six Skinks, three re-rolls. I could be prevailed upon to drop a reroll and instead for for six Saurus and four Skinks in the starting line-up – means the MVP award is more likely to land on a big AG1 guy and that leaves them one lucky pass or serious injury from Break Tackle (although, with only two team re-rolls, I might go for Block instead). I usually build up to Break Tackle because getting that on a couple of the buggers means they can support each other to the point where not having Block is less of an issue. My computer team has one with Side Step who comes in handy for that, too.

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