[WFB] Full Of Lizard Mysteries

In the end, I managed about seven months.  I just know too many people who still play GW games, who can still walk into a GW branch and get their game on.  I want to be a part of that.  But I’m doing something a bit different this time.

My previous armies have all been a bit… samey.  Big trudgy grindy walls of melee stuff that has a minimal presence in shooting and overburdened magic that has to defend AND buff AND ‘shoot’ AND achieve board control/mobility.  This time I wanted an army that could do something competently in every phase of the game, and that was aesthetically and thematically different from my previous efforts.  I also wanted an army that could insure itself against some of the worst magical excesses of eighth edition WFB – the mad miscasts, the enormous doom spells and so on and so forth.

I was tempted by Tomb Kings for a bit, but they fall too much into that ‘crap without the spells going off’ bracket.  Regardless of how much fun they look, a Skeleton statline is still a Skeleton statline.  I contemplated Daemons but I’d like to keep my friends.  And then something happened, something which I did not expect…

… Storm of Magic makes me want to play WFB again.  It might be the objective-focused nature of the scenarios, the access to crazy monsters, the allies! the ability to fit my beloved Vampires into some other army that doesn’t share their limitations.  So I started thinking about things that I could ally with Vampires… and I came up with this piece of backgroundy-type stuff that I’ll be happy to share with you later… and then I scoured The Warhammer Forum and read a great many really fun-sounding battle reports…

… and then I remembered playing one army, just once, back in the days of fifth edition (to which I believe eighth owes much), and sort of… enjoying it.  And then there were loads of cheap fifth edition era models on eBay.  And the short version is I play Lizardmen now.

My god... it's full of Lizards...

I do have a few tentative army lists sketched out, based on the experiences of others that I’ve read about, but before I really settle on ideas that want trying, I need to actually sit down and get to grips with WFB8 as a new system without inherited baggage from WFB7, and I’m hoping it’s been that long since I played that I can do that.  I think changing armies will help.  The Lizards certainly seem very different.

Wish me luck, folks.

6 thoughts on “[WFB] Full Of Lizard Mysteries

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  1. Good luck. I know what you mean about that atmosphere. It’s always possible to see the loved in amongst the unloved and it calls us back, especially when the acquaintance is so long. Sometimes it just has to be got out of the system. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes, and getting your thoughts on eight edition.

  2. I also look forward to hearing your thoughts. I love the new fantasy models but it’d take a lot to pull me back in at Australian prices.

    I hear you about wanting an army that is competent in every phase. I’m getting tired of my guardsmen in 40k getting smashed in assault before they can even hit anyone, so I’m changing to Eldar. It just gets boring having a Great Weakness.

  3. I still haven’t played 8e myself, but I played lizzies in 7e once. Twas awesome fun.

    Granted, I played a less than competent opponent, but he chose to play Chaos against his own Lizzie collection. He had no idea I would MSU the Skinks for march-blocking, and Lore of Metal everything to death. Heh.

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