[WFB] Been Painting: Scaly Blokes

So, I’ve been painting some Lizardmen.  They’re, umm, very green:

However, it’s come to my attention that I’m in the painting-the-same-model-loads-of-times hole again.  Fortunately the Lizard Method* that I’ve come up with so far should be fairly adaptable to other colours, but I’m having a few analysis-paralysis issues.

  1. I do want them to look vaguely like an army rather than a bag of Skittles.
  2. I do want unit markings on them (it seems to be expected at some UK events).
  3. I do want to keep the unit sizes flexible if I can (so I can field the Saurus in four twelves, three eighteens or two twenty-fours where possible).  This means the unit markings can’t be too distinctive or they won’t look good when they’re recombined.
  4. I don’t want to be repeating exactly the same steps with exactly the same colours even if they are quicker than Skorne.
  5. I don’t want them to be Dark and Boring.

So far the Not Dark bit is working out fairly well, but I’m worried about them looking like a big homgenous mass (which is Boring).  This might be down to the colour choice that I’ve made.  According to SandWyrm, what I’ve done is an analagous harmony – colours that are quite close to each other on the colour wheel and therefore look quite natural and camouflagey, even if accent colours are being used.  I don’t hate this, although I’m starting to regret not saving it for Skinks who are meant to be all stealthy-like.  I am, however, wondering what I can use to differentiate the other half of the Saurus (I don’t see myself fielding a horde of forty-eight any time soon and I’m not the only one) without going for exactly the same scheme or a wildly different one… or what other colours I can reasonably use for them.

click ye to embiggen, mortalThe green that I’ve ended up with sits somewhere roundabout Scorpion Green, with the analogous highlights around the Golden Yellow/Blazing Orange that I’ve mocked up so far, and Hawk Turquoise down the other way.  I like turquoise!  I’m not sure it’s a very Saurusy colour though.  Maybe paired up with a slightly flatter, Goblin-ish Green on the hides?

Thinking about colours for other units: the background I’ve been brewing up for this army suggests that any Temple Guard should be in a bit of a state, sort of corrupted and a bit undead-ish without actually wandering around with bits hanging off themselves.  The Rotting Flesh – Liche Purple complementary harmony screams ‘undead’ to me, so if I put that on my Temple Guard it’ll probably set up the association I’m looking for.

Skinks.  Hmm.  Part of the same army, and I want a colour choice that allows for lots of subtle-but-evident-from-several-feet-away distinctions between units that allow my seventy-two Skinks to fold into units of various sizes or out of them in the same way as the Saurus.   I wonder if I could mess around with some of the yellowish browns as their base colour and use red and green accents to keep the analogous camo thing going on?

That gives quite a variety of colours, but confines specific uses of colour to particular model types so that some sort of uniformity and army-ish-ness is still kept together.  It’ll highlight the distinctions between the subspecies too.

Oh, and bases?  I have a bag of Darjeeling in the terrain box.  I hate Darjeeling.  It is Bad Tea.  It is more fitting for bases on Lizardmen than it is for drinking.  That’ll do.  It is also pleasantly brown, so the Skinks will blend in a bit while the Saurus stand out like the lumbering great unstealthy bullies that they are.  Maybe even dark brown toad-coloured Skinks, agin which the red and yellow crests really stand out?

* – Astronomican Grey hide, Tallarn Flesh belly, pick out scales with An Accent Colour, wash everything with Green Wash, paint metal stuff Dwarf Bronze, paint wooden stuff Calthan Brown, wash everything with Flesh Wash, drybrush stone/bone bits Dheneb Stone, paint eyes and jaws Scorched Brown, paint teeth Vallejo Bonewhite and tongues Vallejo Scab Red, all done!

You may now commence belching

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