Von’s 2011, From Can To Can’t

Last year, on the recently defunct Year of Frugal Gaming blog, I made something resembling a public commitment to something akin to Resolutions for what was then the New Year of 2011 (the Year of the Free Lance? Our normal custom of giving silly names to years kind of petered out with the Year of the Trouser a while back, although Shiny has seen fit to resurrect it for 2012, of which more later). Here’s what I said:

This year, at best guess, I have probably spent about £500 on gaming. I am going to spend less than £500 on gaming next year. I am not going to set myself a defined figure to feel guilty about, but I am going to spend less.

I’ve got some New Year’s Resolutions to make. I am going to make some buildings to go on that battlefield, and I’m not going to buy any new miniatures until those buildings are done and look good. I am also not going to buy any new miniatures until all the Dark Elves, and all the Skorne, and all the Tyranids, and all the Cryx, are painted, AND I am only going to buy one new thing at a time.

So, in other words, if I buy a new unit for one army, that’s got to be built, painted, used and played out… and I’m not going to rush off and have four projects on the go all at once.

And here’s how it went…

I DID spend much less than £500 on gaming this year (I think it can’t have been much more than £200 including event fees and transport). Success!

I still haven’t made a single building, although I have collected a quagmire of parts for them. I have bought many new miniatures. Failure!

The Dark Elves and the Skorne (the Regret of the year, maybe, as I like everything about them except painting them) and the Tyranids are all gone, although the Cryx are all painted and most of the Circle are. The Necrons were bought before the Lizardmen were done and the Lizardmen were bought before the Circle were done. Fail-cake!

I still have four projects on the go at once. I think that was a dud resolution to start with though. I like playing lots of different things, and this year I have played (for example) every RPG rules set I own except Savage Worlds.

So that’s, what, Von’s Willpower 1 – Seductive Games Industry 2, with one goal disallowed? I’ve had worse. It’s been fun. I’ve been able to work through some things, too.

All this actual RPGin’ means I’ve finally ascertained which of the games I own are actually worth carting around books for. Dark Heresy and the IKRPG books have gone to a better place (and I hope Robbie enjoys them) while D&D, AFF and Vampire have been judged and found worthy (although next time I’m going to flat-out run Requiem because old-WoD combat gives me tension headaches).

I play more board games than I did last year; I also play less WoW. My interest in the game finally petered out as I was dragging Laestrygone up to level 85 and realising that, now that my little Undead Warlock is done and dusted and the thematic interest I had in the Scourge more or less resolved with the end of Wrath, I basically don’t give a toss about Azeroth any more. Played through the new Undead levelling experience, liked it, but don’t feel hugely compelled to play anything else at the moment. This isn’t a ragequit, this is a rest – I may come back or I may not, but I won’t be driving toward the endgame like I was last year. Instead, I bought a bunch of good old games from Good Old Games.com and have been messing about in those when I have trapped time and no available friends.

Damned if I know what the new year will bring; I might well be moving yet again, might be taking up a new job or a PhD. That’s why I’m reluctant to make too many, y’know, resolutions for what may well be dubbed the Year of Documented Buggery if Shiny has his way… but here are some things I’d sort of like to have done by the time 2013 hoves into view.

  • play more Magic, since I have a modern deck now.
  • take my Cryx to a major event (SmogCon, the Masters, a Hardcore heat…).
  • build more terrain (the docks, at least one building, some scrap piles, and some cyclopean multi-purpose crap that will suit some of my other armies).
  • keep up the regular playing of RPGs.
  • hang on to a non-Cryx army for twelve months…
  • spend more time doing hobby and playing games and less time on the blogs.

This last means a few changes are going to be made. I’m not turning into one of those ‘post about X on Y date’ scheduley-type bloggers or anything, but I’m going to take the general post-something-every-three-days approach that I’ve been taking a bit further, and say that if a post ain’t due I ain’t hanging around on the Internet reading about other people’s accomplishments. That and scaling back the guest slot commitments to just the Show on Saturdays should help to keep my time more usefully directed.

4 thoughts on “Von’s 2011, From Can To Can’t

Add yours

  1. I know that for me it’s a constant battle to “spend more time doing hobby and playing games and less time on the blogs.” So good luck with that!

    It’s so hard not to get caught up reading all the interesting stuff people put up. I start out checking once a week, and then I’ll see an interesting article I missed, click on it, and it’s all over and I’m playing catch-up again!

    1. I know – I do worry about missing stuff but I worry more about spending three to five hours of my morning just… lurking, observing other people’s achievements. Frankly I don’t always even enjoy it – it’s just time-killing.

  2. This year, probably will jump to Menoth if the SR2012 rules don’t piss me off. Thought Ret, but, you know, elves.

    Besides that, will see if the Necron second wave interest me enough to buy them.

    1. I know how it is.
      SR2012 could be a breath of fresh air for them as likes Steamroller, I suppose. I’m increasingly coming around to the idea that I’d rather play (and suck at) Hardcore than have to deal with it.
      Here’s hoping the second wave actually appears…

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