Project 365


Let’s consider those New Year’s Resolutions again, in the cold light of day.

GAME OVER will be going onto an ‘every three days’ schedule and I will only be checking YOUR blog, whatever it may be, on days when I’m doing a GAME OVER update.  That frees up the three or four hours (small, of the morning, when my stupid sleep pattern has kicked in) I normally waste on reading blogs to actually Do Hobby.  I won’t necessarily always Do Hobby at five in the morning every morning but I’ll be doing some every day, and to make sure that I actually DO Do Hobby every single day, I’ve signed up for Project 365.  The most recent image will be appearing over there in the sidebar and you should click through it to see the archive if you’re that way inclined.

Other stuff I want to do this year and will have to write down so I remember and publicly commit to it:

  • more Brave New Worlds (RPG worldbuilding)
  • WFB.8 advanced rules readthrough (and something about the Vampire Counts when they show up)
  • Blood Bowl for Beginners (because docbungle asked me to)
  • my thoughts on Necron Troops (because TKE asked me to)
  • more Gaming Curriculum (maybe, I’m a bit burned out on education theory at the moment)

As is known, I don’t like posting about blogging and blogging alone, so here’s a picture of my workspace and a Necron Monolith to keep you all amused.

Note also the Christmas Barge, lurking in the background.  THANK YOU SIMON!Robbie, the former owner of my Necron army, painted this one ‘factory fresh’, unlike the actual ‘crons, who are all dark and oily (he informs me it’s black primer, Boltgun Metal drybrush and Flesh Wash over the top… but I must have missed a bit somewhere ’cause the Tomb Canoptek Spyder I did yesterday came out looking much brighter than the Warriors.  It didn’t look quite right next to them so I covered it in the same artist’s ink jollop mix that I used to stain my trees when I made those.  I think it might look a bit too muddy now, but that might just be the harsh flourescent light.  I also think it needs a bit more Charnovokhiness about it (read: more blue and gold detailing) but I struggle to think of anywhere to put it.  Stupid cyclopean architecture.

3 thoughts on “Project 365

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  1. Personally, I paint in the same format as what you are describing. Every day first thing in the morning for a half hour as I drink my am coffee. It works. Stuff gets done and I’m not sitting at my work desk all day wishing I could get model xyz done because I already had my gaming fill for the day. So I will say, if you keep it up, you will see results…except on those mornings following when you indulged in too much beer the prior evening. Good luck on the schedule!

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