[WFB] Lizardmen: 2250 Point List

Just totting up the ‘best I can with what I have’ list, wanting to see what the collection actually comes out to, as a formalisation of the army I played Blackheart with, though.  2250, a bit heavy on Core and lacking some pieces that I’d rather like to have in there.

Lords                                440 / 563

Slann Mage-Priest: 440
– The Becalming Cogitation
– The Focused Rumination
– Army Standard
– Divine Plaque of Protection
– Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
– Standard of Discipline
Lore of Light.  Always.

Heroes                                236 / 563

Saurus Scar-Veteran: 118
– light armour and shield
– Sword of the Hornet

Saurus Scar-Veteran: 118
– light armour and shield
– Sword of Swift Slaying

Core                                1104 > 563

24 Saurus Warriors: 294
– full command

24 Saurus Warriors: 294
– full command

12 Skink Skirmishers: 90
– Brave

12 Skink Skirmishers: 90
– Brave

12 Skink Skirmishers: 84

12 Skink Skirmishers: 84

12 Skink Skirmishers: 84

12 Skink Skirmishers: 84

Special                            470 / 1126

Stegadon: 235

Stegadon: 235

GRAND TOTAL                            2250 / 2250

The basic plan goes ‘bunker Slann in Skink Skirmisher unit, laugh at BS-based shooting and rely on a 2+ Ward and Look Out Sir to deal with the rest, then cast Light spells and commence grinding’.  I’d like a Skink Priest in there to project the ranged attack spells ideally, but it’s not essential as the Slann’s main role is to put Speed of Light, Birona’s Timewarp or Pha’s Protection up, dispel enemy magic and anchor the line.  Any zapping he does is gravy.

The rest of the Skinks, meanwhile, provide hard cover for the Saurus (I don’t expect anyone to waste their shots on Skinks) or loiter on the flanks and run up into dart-spitting range of things that need darts spat at them.  I don’t have the greatest track record with Multiple Shots, but it’s cheaper than buying them all javelins and pretending they have shields (which they don’t).

The hammers are the two Saurus units with the Scar-Vets (who rather enjoy the Lore of Light’s Initiative bonuses, striking first with re-rolls and all) and the two Stegadons, who might conceivably form a flanking tag team or even hang back, fire their Giant Bows a couple of times, and then barge into stuff the Saurus are fighting.  Or just get shot at.  The Saurus will be set up to either side of the Slann to guarantee re-rolls on their Leadership tests and contact with the precious Lore of Light spells, while the Stegadons may in theory be allowed to wander off together or may lurk outside, on the edge of the Slann’s 12″ radius.

Apropos of nothing, I’m also impressed that I can fit a decent Slann (one Discipline, army standard, Cupped Hands and Divine Plaque) into 1500 points.  It fills me with malevolent glee, frankly.

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  1. I am curious on how you run the Slann in the Skink skirmisher unit, why not go with a large number than 12, say 15 or more, so that you have more ablative wounds for the ‘look out sir!’ rolls and additional shots if the unit doesn’t move.

    I realise because of the different base sizes you can’t actually put the Slann ‘inside’ the unit and they effectively tack on to one end which then has the ranks across, unless you are going for the 6 wide, two ranks firing potential 24 shots every turn, the extra points on a few more wound counters wont be remiss.

    If you are using the lore of light and from the formation layout it looks like you plan on using the boosted versions of the spells to cover both Saurus, in doing so the unit of skinks ‘housing’ your Slann will get the same Ws, I and ASF boosts and with them having a base I of 4 that means (at 5 wide with champ) 11 Ws10 attacks, rerolling misses that auto wound on a 6 to hit (because poison now affects all the mundane weapons the unit carries).

    Downside is your Slann will be in combat, hopefully the frontage rules mean you maximise the number of models so your Slann is on one end and can only be tagged back by two on the edge, but even then he/she/it will be Ws10 as well. If you can get that unit into a flank it will quite efficiently stab some face, if you can flank charge it into a unit your Saurus have hit in the front with the same spells in effect then, well ‘good night Irene’.*

    Oh and don’t forget the combat reform rules so you don’t get stranded in the middle of the battlefield with your Slann unit staring wistfully into the sunset while the rest of the enemy army bears down on you.

    Some common things people forget about skirmishers.

    1) No rank bonuses in combat

    Don’t charge with them unless something else has already committed and you are going to get a flank or some juicy sweet rear action.


    b) _Stubborn_ in forests

    I have had several games where units of Skinks AND Chameleons tie up units that should have smashed them into bony wet pulp and then overrun only to have them hold. (Chaos warriors, Ogre Ironguts etc.)

    Having said that they WILL go poof if they get charged in the front/flank/rear and hold/stand & shoot instead of flee (esp. without the shields for the 6+/6++). If you run a unit to screen your Saurus you will need to be mindful of where an overrun through them could end up.

    2) March & shoot#

    Crucial to their usability on the table top, skirmishers can move and shoot and more importantly march and shoot, so they can cover more ground and still be a viable threat to weaken the enemy units on approach or draw out charges to the flanks (or goblin fanatics)

    This means you can move forward 8 with the Saurus and match that with the Skinks to keep covering fire arcs over them Magic phase and next turn you can march the entire army up another 16 inches potentially (hoorah).

    As for other options in the army, you could drop one unit of skink skirmishers for a Salamander with the extra skink, Razordons are cute on their own but the potential is far outweighed by the risk and a flame template across your opponents bow will make most of their units think twice. Or change one unit of skirmishers for Chameleons (10) and have them scout deploy forward to prevent vanguard moves or go after warmachines and large beasties (giants etc.)

    *no direct malice aimed at any Irene, real or fictitious.
    #not sure if this is possible with blowpipes, will have to check the BRB, I run 50/50 javelins and blowpipes (about 80 skinks on the table from core choices)

    1. And more on this, you’re two scar veterans can’t both be equipped with effectively the same weapon, one of them can have the sword of the hornet, the other would need to spend the points elsewhere, (sword of battle or maiming shield for extra attacks perhaps?)

      per BRB pg. 500 If a magic item is listed both here and in your WH Armies book, use the points value printed in the latter – some races have lesser of greater access to certain magic items, which is reflected in their points value

      ..Unique – Magic items are considered to be unique – you can only have one of each in your army unless stated otherwise in the magic item’s rules.

      (apologies for the apostrophe there, its a direct quote)

      The other points I raised (1,2) are both part of the skirmisher rules however the third (b) is actually in the rules for terrain, so if you don’t want to play ‘TerrainHammer’ then you lose out on the stubborn in a forest.

      Oh and if you have a Slann and use the Sun standard of Chotec in your skirmishing unit, they become a -3 to hit when in the open, before factoring things like range and cover, run that unit through some long grass and watch as the shots fly past where BS6 longbows needs 6+ to hit in the first place at long range,

      1. They’re not the same item. Clue’s in the names (which are different). That they have the same cost and effect is immaterial.

        I did consider the Sun Standard of Chotec and I would include it in a list where I’m not going out of my way to put every Lizardman I own on the table.

        I’ll reply to your first comment later. Work calls.

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