LotR SBG Report: Of Orcs and Goblin-Men

Another rainy Saturday, another Lord of the Rings game.  Possibly the last one on my home table; the latest relocation means the board just can’t come with us (it’s too big for the room we’re moving into) and so it’s being traded away for a top-up to the VC army.

I was too busy working on a commission, copying out the stats for my old Mordheim warband, and generally being a domestic man of mystery to really play, so Hark and Blackheart threw down and I took photos and heckled.  Hark had my box of Uruk-Hai Scouts and Saruman, Blackheart took a Nazgul, Taskmaster, 18 Mordor Orcs, 5 Morgul Knights and no bows whatsoever.

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The game was much closer than the slideshow perhaps indicates; both forces were one model away from breaking on the turn when Saruman was felled, and if Hark had passed a few more Courage checks to engage the Nazgul (particularly Saruman’s, as he fled into the perfect position to be charged – I’m sorry to say she did that on my advice, rather than retain full control over the Wizard and let his minions do the dying) the last turn could have been very different.

Hark says:

i thought that was pretty damn close, considering i was a baby player and Blackheart wasn’t.  What kept me in the game was the inability of my archers to die – they just took a hell of a beating.  What got me out of it was theterrifyingon the Nazgul and the Morgul Knights.  i generally failed or passed those pretty spectacularly.  The Taskmaster’s a bit of a bastard, making things not cost Might points – why does he get to tell the rules to go away?

When i first laid it down, Blackheart’s army looked more spiky and evil than mine, and bigger, but when it came to the crunch, i could attack some people and do some damage.  The Uruk-Hai were generally quite good, with the exception of their bows, which were just made of cheese.  Very accurate cheese – i could hit everyone with my Babybels, but I was still just hitting them with Babybels.  Needs more crossbow.  It needs a second Hero too, so that it’s not down to Saruman to wade in and do all the good stuff, and so that he doesn’t have to chuck his Might away on doing all the hard work.

Looking at it myself, I’m quite glad I scored a cheap Lurtz on eBay the other day.  I’m also looking at adding some Berserkers (who laugh at Courage checks), and replacing the Uruk-Hai archers (who are wasting their good fighting stats on those rubbish Orc bows) with Dunlendings (who have the same 4+ to hit but more range and less temptation to start hitting things).  Drop Saruman and the Uruks with bows, add Lurtz, a Dunlending Chieftain, and top up with Dunlending archers, job’s done.

I’ll be buying the Fallen Realms book at some stage, too, since Blackheart insists on more-or-less even points matches, and Hark keeps looking lustily at those Easterlings.  It’s a hard life.

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