[WM/H] Uncle Von Asks: Time To Say Goodbye To Cryx?

Shiny: The merits of euthanising your Cryx force? Let’s see. There are, as I assume you have already noted, the matter of freeing up space and a possible conversion into money for your use.

Then there are other considerations, for which I will need additional context. I know you are occasionally given to frustration with Warmachine. Is it that you are quitting the game, or are you abandoning the Cryx for something you find easier to use?

Von: Abandoning them and taking up the Skorne again.

While I detested painting the Skorne after a while, I enjoyed playing with them, and was at first successful (later unsuccesses were attributable to deficiencies in my collection), and I do actually think, at this stage, that Hordes may well outperform Warmachine in the ‘pure game’ stakes just by layering of effects within the system. And I could recover the painting of Skorne with a change in methodology, away from the rather frustrating way I’d been going at them before.

Also, taking up Mercenaries again, specifically Epic Magnus, who is compatible with the Skorne, and for whom I did once own a rather nicely painted force.You played against my Mercenaries, I believe, and may be able to offer some perspective on that.

Shiny: They were very good, as I recall. And less frustrating to play against than the Cryx.

Von: See, this is another factor. Nobody likes the Cryx. And I’m sort of sick of not being allowed to have a bad day because I play Cryx.

Shiny: In Warhammer, I’d call that the Dwarf’s Tirade.

Von: That’s a whine, though, and I don’t want to indulge in that sort of thing.

Shiny: From my own perspective, I can see great benefit of making a fresh start when you get Army Fatigue. After over a decade of playing Skaven, I switched to Bretonnians. They give an excellent military counterpoint to the Skaven, and I’ve racked up more victories (and more reliably reproducible victories)

Von: But you still have your Skaven. I was going to ask about the Eldar-to-Tau transition, which was more terminal for the original army. How are you finding that?

Shiny: That is also a good comparison. I recently dabbled with the idea of a return to Eldar, then rejected it. I even built an army list for an Eldar army, without the previous baggage of modelling it around what I owned. It looked like a good force, but after analysis it still didn’t entice. My Tau, for all that they are archaic, overpointed and underpowered, still provide a more satisfactory army.

Ultimately, I don’t MISS the Eldar. I just miss BS4. Your mileage may vary (Exhibit A: your Vampire Counts army), but that’s a question for you to answer. As are these three. Do you enjoy playing with them? Are you any good with them? How much will you miss them if they disappear?

So to the First: Do you enjoy playing with Cryx? I know they are frustrating when used improperly.

Von: I don’t really enjoy playing with them. They nip about, they don’t quite manage to do what I set them up to do, and they tend to lose very early on in a game. If I win, it’s usually because I’ve pulled off some stock trick (and been allowed to skip over a few errors of judgement; I tend to throw games away with my Cryx by activating things in the wrong order, or forgetting to do things I’ve set myself up for…). This has been the case for some time, really.

Shiny: You and the Cryx strike me as akin to me and the Skaven. You love them to little bits, but ultimately you are not the general to play them. Which leads into the second: Are you any good with them?

Von: I… don’t actually know any more. I think I’ve never been THAT good with them? I’ve occasionally surprised people with them, thanks to a tendency to pick up and run with things that aren’t conventionally recognised as ‘good’. But surprising isn’t the same as reliably effective.

Shiny: Indeed. Pulling insane pranks with Skaven is easy, but not always useful, or even wanted. The same principle applies. And so to the crucial Third: Will you miss them if they disappear?

Von: I have a strong sentimental attachment to some of them, in that sort of ‘first thing I ever bought for this system’ sense. And there are some – well, some of my best ever paintjobs in there.

Shiny: So keep a model or two that you’re proud of, and remove the rest.

One thing, that occurs to me but may not factor in for you, is replaceability. I’m reluctant to be away with my Skaven due to all the conversion jobs and archaic models. Warmachine being the game it is, most of the models are shop-standard. If you felt the need to do a new Cryx army, you only lose the paint job.

Von: Well, not strictly true, but I sold all my converted ones with nary a whimper. Except for a unit of Revenant Crew of whom I must confess a certain fondness.

Shiny: So keep them. I’m sure you can stand to have some Undead Pirates around the house…

Von: Indeed. I’m likely to keep the battle box, the Skarlock, and my Revenant Crew, if I keep anything. But honestly, I wonder how much of that sentiment is actually… well, all that strong. Because to be honest, I don’t have my first miniatures for anything ELSE any more, and I don’t find myself pining away for them. Even the Vampires weren’t my first Warhammer army. And here’s the thing. The Cryx would, I think, rather than being sold, be traded with Mr. Bandwagon. So if I missed them that much there exists room to negotiate.

Shiny: And so I conclude that it may be time to let your Cryx go on an adventure elsewhere. Retain a keepsake and let the rest go.

Von: Additional bonus; I will be less vexed by the existence of Assault Kommandos, Precursor Knights, and other infuriatingly Cryx-proof pieces.

Shiny: Exactly! So, yes. While you reserve the right to feel bad about it, (and have the right to say “I don’t care, I’ll keep them anyway!”), the time has come.

But that’s just what we think. What do you think? Could I be bored with Cryx and thus phoning in my Warmachine antics because of that? Would returning to the Beasts from the East actually do me any good? What would you do if you were me?

12 thoughts on “[WM/H] Uncle Von Asks: Time To Say Goodbye To Cryx?

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  1. Cryx bore me to tears. The background, the models, none of it interests me. I don’t quite know why that is: they are an interesting spin on the “undead” faction, but the model range leaves me cold.

    That said, I like the background of the dragons. I just feel that Everblight is characterised more effectively so you feel you are playing with a protagonist- I think this is because he is comparatively weak, but Toruk is portrayed as preeminent.

    Anyhow, that’s hardly helping…

    I love and hate Skorne. When I stopped playing 40K, my mates and I purchased Circle and Skorne respectively, and I have never spent as much time on models as I did with them. Maybe I should blog about them – you have inspired me! They are sold, but not because I hate Skorne (I had purchased three additional units which saw play naked three times) but lack of players.

    I would say Skorne. The range is so much better than when I played with them last. So many more options, and you can avoid a lot of the terrible models, and there is plastic now! Oh, if only I had opponents…

  2. For me this would be the deciding factor:

    Shiny – Do you enjoy playing with Cryx?
    Von – I don’t really enjoy playing with them.

    If you’re not having fun with an army, I suggest you move on to something that will be more rewarding and enjoyable for you. Skorne and Mercs are two of my favorites… also weren’t you working on Circle of Orboros sometime ago? Can’t remember if you decided against them as well and I simply missed it or have since forgotten, sorry about that. Nonetheless I think there are a lot of fun options to use in Warmachine and Hordes (btw, I also have an overall preference for Hordes), why spend more time and effort on a faction that isn’t entertaining for you?

    And if you choose to keep your favorite Cryxian elements but part with the rest, you’ll still have enough to scratch that itch when you need to.

    Best wishes to you, Von. I know it’s never quite as easy as that to part with an army into which you’ve put a part of yourself.

    1. Gah, I don’t know why I always try to make them Circle of Orboros instead of just Circle Orboros. I even have a good sized collection of them and I still get it wrong. Oh well… :)

    2. I was working on Circle for a while. Ended up trading them for a wave of Vampire Counts reinforcements. Never really looked back. The Circle were fun but I never really cracked them, and I wouldn’t have without sinking tonsamoney into them.

      The logic behind the Skorne choice is that most of what they do is to do with them. With Cryx I find there’s a lot of things like Spell Ward or damage immunities or just high enough DEF for me to miss with the debuffs/offensive spells. I think I might be happier with the layers-o-buffs thing. If nothing else there’s nothing that I can immediately think of to whine about with Skorne in the same way…

  3. Play some games with the Skorne, proxied if necessary. See if you enjoy playing them as much as you remember. See if you enjoy painting them as much as you remember! See if some of your numpty-headed-ness goes away when playing a different faction. If any/all of these come up positive, then yeah, maybe trading the Cryx for the Skorne is a good idea.

    But, time does soften everything, and looking at the past tends to be through rose-colored glasses. It could be that you don’t enjoy playing them as much as you thought you did. I do agree that they’re probably a tricky army to paint – however, I suspect that many of them would do well with the “paint bright colors and then dip” method, or similar, which could make painting them less painful.

    If nothing else, you could trade them for a time, and potentially come back to them later much as you did with the Vampire Counts.

    I myself am starting out a baby Cryx faction, but I’m constraining myself (or trying to, anyway) to limited purchases. Mostly Satyxis, some of the solos, and some of the jacks (and a unit of McThralls just because I got a quite good deal). Trying to strike that tough balance between “I only want these models that look cool” and “Hmm. I need these models to really be competitive, and they might look good….”

    1. Hee, numpty-headedness.

      The thing about the Skorne in question is that they are actually my old Skorne, and so I am blessed with the power to look over my blog archives and remind myself why I swapped them for Circle in the first place. As it happens, it was a) the paint thing and b) that I’d reached a stage where I’d have to buy and paint quite a lot of stuff to get the lists ticking over. Which, at the time, I wasn’t prepared to do because a) money b) storage c) Cryx already taking up that ‘main faction’ niche.

      The paint thing is easy to fix. Worked it out while I was doing the Circle. It’s all a question of stains and glazes doing the fiddly bits for me, and then painting in stuff like blades and armour plates around that.

      “If nothing else, you could trade them for a time, and potentially come back to them later much as you did with the Vampire Counts.”

      This is in essence the plan. Short-term exchange to see if I can make a go of this, then a long-term trade if both I and Mr. Bandwagon are happy with our new finds.

  4. Well, I have more figures for games I am “not currently playing” than I care to count, so I may not be the person to ask. I only realized getting rid of figures was dumb after giving away literally hundreds of 40K orks and deciding I wanted to play again within 6 months…. yeah, that was stupid. So I don’t get rid of things as much anymore. However, I have more space it sounds than you, so my advice is likely useless.

    Do what you LIKE. Bugger the rest.

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