[40K] A (10 Millenia) History of Violence

First off, well, apologies – from both the illustrious Bearded One and myself – for the lack of posts. We’ve both had one of those outbreaks of Real Life over the past weekend, which led to a fairly egregious shortage of free time. We hope that your rage is softened, somewhat, in knowing that the beatings doled out upon our fragile human forms have been more than sufficiently brutal.

Anyhow. So. Little mans.

I did hint, back in the previous entry, at a Word Bearers army of mine that is, indeed, in the making. Or, really, re-making, as it’s existed in some form for the past thirteen years or so. Pictures and details forthcoming, but this being the blog it is and all, let’s have have a swing at the “whys” of this particular Lorgarian collective.

I honestly don’t remember any precise instant in which the idea of playing Word Bearers first wandered into my brain and decided to take up long-term residence, but it rather clearly happened. It had to be somewhere in the latter days of 2nd Edition, as I do remember it being motivated by this:

It’s a block of text from those fell paragraphs which first defined the Legion, with emphasis on the idea that’s really stuck with me – that humanity needs a religion, needs a focus of faith and an unquestionable source from which meaning is derived, else we’ll all just be so many nihilistic apes smacking each other with femur bones across the barren ruins of civilization. There’s a cold, patrician lack of faith in humankind there, one that’s at the center of many real-world philosophies. It was a cold, gnawing antithesis to the vaguely humanist ethos I’d constructed in my teen years. It’s still at least a bit disturbing today, even with a heart filled with the dark misanthropy of adulthood.

Anyhow, the original army grew and shrank in spurts, through college and beyond, and even got a fair amount of paint on the boys. Taking inspiration from John Blanche, their color scheme was limited and clashing.

That all seemed well and good until recently. Armies like Raz’ Word Bearers and Dan the Daemon’s legendary Immortal Terrors over the on the Bolter & Chainsword have sparked a creative avalanche. Most of the army went into the dip, was disassembled, and is now being remade bigger and badder than before. Thus far, it’s been almost worryingly pleasant to challenge the modelling skills. Here’s a Terminator that’s come out of the project, compared to a one-armed Aurora Chapter Terminator, who’s been a great sport about things.

‘Till next time!

One thought on “[40K] A (10 Millenia) History of Violence”

  1. That’s a similar reason as why I choose the Word Bearers as my Chaos Legion of choice. I approached it from the aspect that Lorgar realized that humankind was in the end doomed, if they followed only the Emperor’s path. The forces of the universe were simply too amazing, too numerous, and too powerful – especially if they were to turn their backs on the power of the Warp. Instead, my branch of the Word Bearers embraces Chaos and the Warp, because it’s the only thing powerful enough to ensure humanity’s survival. True, mankind may not survive unaltered and they’ll be forever beholden to the powers of Chaos, but if it’s that or extinction they’ll take servitude. It’s kind of a tragic hero vibe, with a bit of twisted logic thrown in.

    Also, I had a ton of Chaos Daemon models, and I wanted to use them in 40K. Under the old codex, I could use 9 Troops choices and I did often fill them with Daemons!

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