[40K] Now You See Them, Now You Don’t (Necron Army List)

Necron Mech Reserve Manipulation
HQ 515   Troops 590 Elites 245 Fast Attack 135 Heavy Support 265
Tekeshi, Iron Maiden of Solace   Warriors Nitocris, the Betrayer 3 Canoptek Scarabs 135 1 Necron Monolith 200
1 Necron Overlord 90 5 Necron Warriors 65 1 C’Tan Shard 185
warscythe 10 1 Night Scythe 100 Swarm of Spirit Dust 20 1 Canoptek Spyders 50
mindshackle scarabs 15 Grand Illusion 40   gloom prism 15
5 Necron Warriors 65 245   65
115 1 Night Scythe 100
Catacomb Command Barge 80  
195 10 Necron Warriors 130
Royal Court
2 Cryptek 50 10 Necron Warriors 130
2 Harbinger of Destruction 20
2 gaze of flame 20
2 solar pulse 40
2 Cryptek 50
Harbinger of the Storm 0
2 lightning field 20
2 ether crystal 30
2 Necron Lord 70
warscythe 20

By the under-par monitor of the sky-demon, that’s some bad layout right there. In my defence, it looks a fat sight better in OpenOffice.

Anyway. I’ve been inspecting the Necrons of late, because I want to add a motor pool to that army at some point so I have something to play mainstream 40K with, rather than running off and demanding that everyone join me in the Specialist and skirmish game wilderness.

The thought process behind this one is fairly simple; I wanted to build a fast army, one that could play around with leaving stuff in reserve and, indeed, manipulate the various reserve options that the Necrons have available. I also wanted to use my Monolith, because frankly I like my Monolith, and because it seems to me to provide some insurance in the event of Scythes being shot down (the contents can march out of the Monolith instead of on from a board edge, which seems like an improvement to me).

The two units in the Scythes are equipped for some slightly more up-close-and-personal duty than is normal for my Troops choices. Joined by Harbingers of the Storm (to mess with enemy deep striking, to provide a deterrent against assaulting the Necrons, and to add more ‘glance vehicles to death’ shots at short range) and Necron Lords (because I haven’t used them yet, and cheap warscythes seem like they might be worth a giggle), these are the midfielders, going out and flinging lightning at anything I don’t like the face on. Immortals would be better for the job, but since I don’t actually own any Immortals yet, these will have to do. The other two units receive the more customary Harbingers of Destruction; they sit tight further back, either sniping at vehicles or bringing down the Solar Pulses to turn the lights on and off – whatever’s most to my advantage at the time. I could also, I suppose, swap the squads round and have the big ones in the Scythes and the small ones in the backfield, if that proved more sensible.

Anyway, I have the Scarabs and the Spyder to be semi-disposable melee pieces and provide a little psychic defence, and my usual flying Overlord to troubleshoot Land Raiders and other nuisances. The last unit is the one that I’m not entirely sure about; the C’tan with Swarm of Spirit Dust (helps him not die) and Grand Illusion.

While I like having a crutch for my bad deployment habits and a nifty reserve/not reserve on the board/off the board gimmick, it’s quite a lot of points for that gimmick and a slow piece with lousy threat range. However, the opportunity to pull pieces into or out of reserve does seem like it might be handy – hold Tekeshi off-field to respond to the greatest threats as they emerge, decide whether or not to deploy/Deep Strike the Monolith based on the terrain and the fire lanes the enemy can draw, or at the very least redeploy the slow stuff if I realise I’ve made a mistake. It also affords a greater-than-I2 melee presence, which I confess to being quite fond of.

What do you think, folks?

6 thoughts on “[40K] Now You See Them, Now You Don’t (Necron Army List)

Add yours

  1. I like your character’s names! They are exotic yet very warhammer. Can’t comment on the list unfortunately as the last time I played against Necrons was their old book. So I have no idea what all those wossnames of doomshackling and harbingers of various grim adjectives do :D

  2. My biggest worry would be only having 30 models that can claim objectives and such. Necron Warriors are relatively durable outside of combat, and if things are getting into combat with them the rest of your army has been doing it wrong, but I still hesitate about it. 6th seems to be much more about objectives than before, so only 4 scoring units might be an issue.

    1. Indeed it might. 1500 points hasn’t been a good size for me since the ‘scoring unit’ paradigm first emerged, but (un?)fortunately it’s a good size for me in every other respect, certainly vis. amount of stuff on the table and being able to carry my army about. I don’t know that I’d drop anything from the list to make room for more scoring bodies, since the stuff here is pretty much what makes the list interesting and viable for me, so it might be a 1750 or 1850 point concept in 1500 skin.

      1. My gut feeling says to drop the C’Tan at lower points for more units, probably a couple of Immortal squads (possibly sticking them in the Night Scythes and turning their previous occupants into another 10-man Warrior squad?), and stick the C’Tan back in at 1750 (which, at 245 points, is a fairly simple add-on). I think he’s probably the most expendable/superfluous part of the list. And two squads of 5-7 Immortals is still enough to make their presence felt.

  3. Your list is actually illegal, as you’re only allowed one of the special cryptek things (solar pulse, ether crystal) per royal court. Just thought I’d point that out. Otherwise, the list looks pretty cool, although I’d really try and squeeze in a few annihilation barges, and some more troops. Dropping the catan would probably be the best idea

    1. Oooh, nice catch! I don’t play much 40K these days, so I don’t write so many lists, so I tend to miss things. Thanks for pointing that out.

      As far as the ‘more bodies’ approach goes, I can run this list with what I have, and I’d need some more stuff to make changes. Fortunately, more stuff seems to be in the offing… and there’s a Barge or two in amongst it.

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