[40K] My New ‘Crons, Let Me Show You Them


I’ve been busy.

The long-awaited resurgence of guild RP in my RP guild has led to a renewed interest in WoW, with play taking place every other night. My bad back and lardy belly are demanding some attention, so I’ve resumed stabbing people with overgrown knitting needles in an effort to burn off some of the surplus blubber. Having taken a long, hard review of what I own, what I use, and what I actually give two hoots about these days, I’m liquidating most of my Mercenaries and disposing of my Cataphract Arcuarii – I don’t play enough Warmahordes these days to justify two armies, and I want to unhook the Skorne from dubious tier lists which, hand on heart, I have never actually done all that well with anyway. Anyway, if you want any Cygnar infantry or Mercenary warjacks, here’s the place to go, one third off RRP beat the rush BUY NOW SAVE LATER.

I’ve also gotten around to building the last of the Necrons I picked up second-hand back in October, and spending some birthday loot tokens on a few more long-awaited odds and sods. Would you like to see them? ‘course you would.


First up are these saucy Lychguard. I’ve built these pretty much according to spec; the kit has more parts in it than I’m entirely comfortable with (separate necks?), although I have at last worked out why the attached model’s head wouldn’t go on properly (I lost his neck!), so I deliberately kept things conservative here. I think I got mixed up with some of the limbs too, but they all look pretty nice to me – except maybe that one with his sword angled down. I’m still not sure about that pose choice.

The attached model is, as some may know, the Overlord from the Catacomb Command Barge. I’ve been thinking about what the hell to do with him for a while now; I don’t really want to supplant Tekeshi by replacing her with some hulking great masculinity, but I also wanted to use the model since, y’know, he was there and all. It wasn’t until I noticed how well he fit in with the Lychguard that it all fell into place, and… well, long story short, I’d like you to meet Vargard Koschei. I’ll get into the backstory of the Necrons just as soon as I’ve worked out how to write them, but suffice to say that Koschei is Tekeshi’s long-suffering lieutenant, bodyguard and co-conspirator, and the only member of her planet’s aristocracy who survived her rise to power. He’ll probably be used as a Lord for smaller games, or maybe an independent Overlord unlocking a second Royal Court in larger ones. The only thing that worries me about this is that he’s very obviously an Overlord model, while my Overlord is a Lord model… that’s bound to look like gamesmanship to someone in a pick-up game. Not that I’ve played any pick-up 40K in four years, BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.


In further news from the Elites section, we have these Deathmarks. I anguished over this for a while, as the thought of some Immortals (tougher Troops) did have a certain appeal. I couldn’t quite settle on Gauss or Tesla weaponry, though, and in the end I decided to sidestep the whole issue and just build them as something else. It’s not like I’m not planning on taking Chaos allies, so 3+-save-having Troops choices will just have to be derived from there instead.

Talking of Troops, I’ve also built another 12 Necron Warriors. Incidentally, and forgive me for derailing if you’d be so good, is it me or is plastic glue really crap these days? Either I am suddenly doing something wrong, or it’s the glue, because models are a lot more brittle than they used to be, and these sculpts don’t have the excuse of coming in a million and six bits either. Anyway, the new boys bring the collection to 44, which should be enough for a pretty hefty game; at present I’m thinking that a unit of 14 in a Night Scythe (plus a Cryptek, or a Phaeron iteration of Tekeshi) and three 10s on the ground (with the Ghost Ark commandeered by Royal Court members) might be worth a go.


And finally, the bit that I’m most chuffed with; Crypteks! These, ahm, may have been a big reason for my wanting to own the Lychguard box – not just because I really like Lychguard (although I do) but because I wanted all those Triarch Praetorian bits. These chaps are four spare Necron Warriors, with rods of covenant (painstakingly attached to hacked-and-chopped Warrior arms, for the most part), heads, loincloths, exposed spines and tails from the Praetorian/Lychguard kit.


I’m especially fond of the tails and spines. Just adding loincloths didn’t seem to do the job of making them stand out from the Warriors, but I had those tails and the spines looked like they’d fit if I cut a couple of segments off and shaved off the Warrior bodies’ exposed vertebrae, so I tried it and it seems to have worked. I like them. They look sort of saurian, not entirely humanoid, and that pleases me. I also really like the third eye – it suggests to me a kind of illuminism, a symbolic opening of the mind to new technological vistas. Having one on the Triarch Stalker’s a nice touch too; that particular piece is recommending itself to me as a senior Cryptek, one unable or unwilling to move under his own power and thus confined to/empowered by a giant mechanical self-extension.

All this hobby activity means that the Necrons are nearly done. A second C’tan Shard and a couple more Spyders have been laid in and should be on their way fairly sharpish, courtesy of Pete from Dice and Decks; after that, my ambition extends to a couple of Night Scythes and maybe a second Annihilation Barge or Ghost Ark. After that, I think it’s on to some nice meaty Iron Warrior allies.

Talking of which, I’ve seen a lot of chat around related to the use of Hi-Tech Miniatures’ Proturbo character as an Iron Warriors Lord – even if I personally prefer Exhorder, I can see wisdom in this. Of course, they wouldn’t match up terribly well to the Chaos range, which would have more gribbly spiky bits and big arrows on the trims and so on and so forth, but they would match up nicely with these fellows from Forge World. One of those kits would give me all the Troops marines I could want, with a couple of these to provide dual meltaguns for the ‘tactical’ Marines and four missile launchers for the Havocs I want to factor in. Could even go back to Hi-Tech for a decent-looking Mutilator proxy

Mind you, that’s quite of an expensive project, and it doesn’t have any of the nifty conversions I wanted to do with the Iron Warriors and Iron Hands conversion packs – mind you, I could still use those conversions with standard Chaos Space Marines to make Chosen and Havocs, I suppose, giving me more Chaosy units in the Elites and Heavy Support sections. And those Warp Talons who I definitely want in Fast Attack, ooh yes. And maybe a Forge World Dreadnought… hang on. This is turning into a second army. I haven’t even thought about Cultists yet. And those Forge World bodies don’t come with close combat weapons, which will be kind of awkward since I want the Chaos Marines as my close combat presence.

Definitely one to think about if the Chaosmens do start looking like a second army, though. In the meantime, let’s stick to the plan. Although I will in all likelihood be picking up some of those weapon packs with the missile launchers and meltaguns in them. They’ll be very handy, hoo yes.

Stop thinking about doing an Iron Warriors army, Von. You haven’t even painted your Necrons yet. No, put it down. STOP IT. Is that an army list? Are you… oh, bugger.


Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

5 thoughts on “[40K] My New ‘Crons, Let Me Show You Them”

  1. Looking good! Especially like the big spidery looking thing in middle of the top pic. What is that?

    Hopefully I can get back along to Clapham a bit more regularly next year and be able to face them.

    1. The big spidery looking thing is a Triarch Stalker – a ranged tank cracker that hands out shooting re-rolls to anything that targets its target.

      Hopefully I can get them down to Clapham for the expansion league! High hopes of actually making myself paint these lads abound…

        1. Cast your eyes back over the Necrons tag on this very blog! They’ll be painted to match my current army, so that’s a darker-than-classic gunmetal with Polished Blue and Shining Gold as spot colours. The higher ranking the ‘cron in question is, the more blue and gold they get… which means Tekeshi, my existing Overlord, probably needs a splash of Shining here and there.

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