[MtG] Golgari Scourge

The current build looks a bit like this:

  • 1x Necropolis Regent – a big hitter, not too easy to block, and a source of tokens independent of the graveyard.
  • 1x Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord – if I’m short on mana, stuff can stay in the graveyard to ramp Jarad up, but he’s mostly there for the mana ability; if I can’t kill you in combat, I’ll rip the life straight out of you instead.
  • 2x Woodborn Behemoth – experimental. Not too expensive, and becomes a big hitter in the endgame, but I’ve yet to really get much mileage out of them. May be essential if graveyard removal happens to me, though.
  • 2x Corpsejack Menace – bread and butter. Hit fairly hard, and are a free force multiplier for scavenge. Two seems to be enough so far.
  • 2x Sluiceway Scorpion – suicidal deathtouch blockers with a cheap scavenge, what’s not to like?
  • 3x Dreg Mangler – cheap, decent-sized, with haste; the scavenge is a bit pricey on its own but becomes worth a go with a Menace or two in play.
  • 2x Lotleth Troll – prime target for scavenge, what with the trample and cheap regenerate built in, and synergises beautifully with the cheaper scavenge creatures (discard them for +1/+1 tokens, then scavenge them for more +1/+1 tokens; one Slitherhead in hand becomes four +1/+1 tokens for free if there’s a Menace in play). Technically on loan from Chris but he can have one of my internal organs if I get to keep them.
  • 2x Korozda Guildmage – unsure about these. Intimidate is good in a deck like this, but I’m wondering if cheaper intimidate on an enchantment might not be smart. In theory, the other ability provides me with a rush of disposable chump-blockers if I need them, but I’ve never used it.
  • 4x Slitherhead – a one-mana drop, a chump blocker, a free scavenge. Never gonna give them up.
  • 2x Vault Skirge – the reason this is a Modern and not Standard deck; flying and lifelink make them the other prime targets for scavenge, and they’re another very solid early drop that the Slitherheads can scavenge onto for establishing a quick lead.
  • 2x Vraska the Unseen – usually, she ends up being used for removal of annoying permanents, and I have yet to deploy the win-button of creating Assassin tokens and then giving one intimidate with a Guildmage. The threat of being able to do that, though, means the Mages stay in for now.
  • 4x Verdant Haven – the life-gain is nice, the extra mana of any colour is superb (a legacy from the deck’s early days of really struggling for mana in the early game). The basis for a possible sideboard option, too.
  • 2x Liturgy of Blood – another legacy from the ‘no manaaaa’ days, and starting to feel a bit redundant; I haven’t played it to full effect (destroy something, spend the mana on a scavenge cost, attack!) for a while and I’ve often ended up overpaying for the removal aspect and having three mana sit around unspent.
  • 2x Jarad’s Orders – brilliant for pulling the Corpsejack Menace into the hand and assigning a Slitherhead to the graveyard ready for next turn’s scavenge.
  • 2x Bone Splinters – the cheaper removal option that also puts a creature into the graveyard ready for scavenging. May replace the Liturgies with a couple more of these.
  • 1x Treasured Find – just in case I end up discarding Vraska or something absurd. Could do with a couple more.
  • 1x Drown in Filth – experimental, since I frequently end up with land in the graveyard and I happen to own it. Have yet to actually cast.
  • 2x Grisly Salvage – acceleration for scavenge in the early game, or a way of grabbing some more mana.
  • 2x Golgari Charm – clear the board, buy a turn after combat, or remove bullshit enchantments without upsetting Vraska. Yep.
  • 1x Ready/Willing – an odd duck. In theory, I can make white mana happen, and the turn of deathtouch-on-everything synergises well with the side-order of token generation or the occasional board full of Slitherheads and Scourges. Unsure whether to include a couple more or remove, though; seldom have I got two Verdant Havens out to fuse it and not had something better to do.
  • 7x Swamp
  • 7x Forest
  • 4x Golgari Guildgate
  • 1x Grim Backwoods – dubious about its value, likely to remove.
  • 1x Woodland Cemetery – honestly, would like either a couple more or one less.

Sideboard under redevelopment; there’s some right shit in there, mostly from the previous Heartless Summoning build. Likely candidates include Kessig Recluse, Korozda Gorgon, Death’s Presence and Bioshift.

You may now commence belching

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