[WFB] Legion of Azgorh Review: Rare

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders

Once again, the Hobgoblins appear to fill an essential niche: Fast Cavalry. Very fast cavalry actually, with spears for 13 or bows for 14 points, or the option of becoming not-Fast and having a shield for 13 – but why would you do that? Don’t be fooled by that +1 for flank or rear charging an enemy that they have, these aren’t fighters; they’re shooters, they’re speedbumps, they’re occasional war engine or wizard hunters if they get the chance. I believe most firmly that the 150 points for two units with musicians would be well spent in an army which will otherwise struggle for chaff and cheap drops.

Dreadquake Mortar

A big, expensive super-stone-thrower with excellent range and S10/5, d6 wounds, Armour Piercing and an unforgiving -1 on the Black Powder Misfire chart (in other words, station a Daemonsmith with it or prepare for mockery). Any unit hit by one has to take Dangerous Terrain tests in order to either move or shoot with move-or-fire weapons in their next turn – and war engines take those tests as Chariots. Holy board control, Batman, and mother of snipes to boot! The only downside is that it has to make a 3+ reloading roll before the second and subsequent shots, unless you buy it a big fat Ogre to do the reloading. Since that also gives your Mortar an extra three wounds and a bit of punch if something decides to charge it, I don’t really see the downside there. It’ll set you back 265 points with all the kit, or 215 with just the Ogre. I’m rather taken with this monstrosity, you know.

K’daai Destroyer

So big that Warhammer Forge don’t make a model for it. Taking on the hobby challenge (and can you hear it now, the cheeping of angry nerds accusing one another of modelling for advantage?) bags you a souped-up version of the Fireborn with T and W 6 (so still potentially able to immolate itself, but it’s much less likely without some serious debuffing on the board) and d3+6 S7 attacks, plus all the burny-burny stuff for standing next to it, plus Thunderstomp. Oh, and it’s M9, so it shouldn’t have too many of the usual monster problems with covering ground, getting stuck in and not being shot at. It’s sufficiently pricey that you won’t be seeing two below 2500 points, and it’s only fair to point out that as a Large, Frenzied target it’s both easy to shoot and easy to bait. I have nightmare visions of Goblin heroes with the Dragonbane Gem just cavorting around in front of it, pinning it in place for the whole game, although the sheer weight of attacks should be able to force through some damage before long. Most of the lists I’ve seen around include one and it’s not hard to see why; the thing’s a monstrosity.


It’s been a long time since I had a Warriors of Chaos book handy, but from what I remember, it’s basically a rather unreliable monster (5 S5 attacks according to the GW website) with a tendency to go roaring off and hit things it’s not supposed to; and it has a S10/5 stone thrower strapped to its back, I believe? Warhammer Forge’s FAQ says that Daemonsmith rerolls do affect the Hellcannon, and so I’m seeing the potential for a funsies list involving a couple of these lads and a couple of Iron Daemons; a list which sends four big monsters grinding upfield, taking potshots at anything that’s likely to stop them on the way in. The Hellcannons could alternate their activations, with one moving and one shooting in a given turn (if you plan for it it’ll hurt less when one of them decides to rampage anyway).

Chaos Siege Giant

Nice model which can wander sideways into a Warriors of Chaos army if you like. You could fit one and a K’daai Destroyer into a 2400 point list – the question is whether or not you’d want to. Unlike the usual Giant this big lug has a 3+ save against shooting and a 5+ in melee, which means jack all against a similar points cost in cannons which should down him in a couple of shots. S7 Multiple Wounds from falling over, and a new, siege-oriented set of random attacks. Rather than describe them all, I’ll point out the salient bit – these chaps really like punching buildings, and can always choose to do 2d6 wounds to them rather than rolling their attacks, and they can always do this in any game, apparently.

Now, being able to smash the Watchtower rather than occupy it does have a certain morbid appeal, as does the Giant’s helpful habit of turning into a siege ladder when it dies and helping friendly models out with a +1 to combat resolution in assaulting buildings. I’m not averse to the appeal of removing those annoying buildings in which skirmishers and wizards tend to cower, not averse at all. I am, however, generally averse to rolling on a random chart to see what my big expensive model decides to do this turn. Warhammer Giants are filed permanently under ‘random and fun are not mutually inclusive’ and while I’m not so dead inside as to say the Giant couldn’t be fun, I’m sure it’d get on my tits before long and, to be honest, it’s still probably going to crumple to the first war engine that looks at it funny.

You may now commence belching

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