[WoW] I led a raid and I liked it / hope my guild leader don’t mind it…

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This is exactly how I feel when I put something I painted last week next to something I painted ten years ago. It may not be quite up to the current standards and vogue of ultra-realistic gritty brown bullshit, but there’s a tangible improvement in quality that leaves the newer piece slightly out of place compared to its surroundings.

In the last few weeks before Warlords of Draenor drops, I am (alas) working most evenings, but I have enough time off to have plausible ambitions in ref. heirlooms. Oh yes. Having learned that a piece of heirloom loot is now guaranteed from the final arm-wrestle with Garrosh Hellscream, I’m greenfiring my way through his associates on Normal difficulty, one last time. I could probably do it on a higher difficulty if I had a good group to hold my hand, but I want to try something else. Since I’m organising a group of my own at the times when I’m available, that seems to make me some sort of raid leader by default… and apparently, I’m not that bad at it.

Despite occasionally needing to ask the more seasoned raiders in the party for actual tactics, people… seem willing to listen to me. Mels thinks it’s because I don’t scream blue murder when something goes wrong, which… well, that’s certainly true. What’s that going to achieve? Nothing. It’s like bringing the “how can you POSSIBLY not know this fight by now?” attitude into a group; the attitude that tends to develop when seasoned raiders and regular players forget that not everyone’s as far along the curve as they are. I’ve had to ask one person to leave for coming on board with that kind of mindset and, to his credit, he did so without fuss – which was nice.

I’m still sulking that some post-patch bugs have reset my raid progress twice, so the efforts are currently shelved until Blizzard decides to let me make meaningful progress, but still; this bodes well for the future. I quite like lining up a group of people I actually know, and who aren’t exactly regular raiders, to do stuff together. It’s certainly preferable to the poisonous LFR or RBG experience of random grouping, and I’d feel quite optimistic about leading a cross-guild raid squadron into Draenor. Probably NEVER going to get a similar thing off the ground for PvP, but if I can have a regular arena pal I’ll be happy.

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