Skeletons, Orks and Not Writing A Novel

Well, it is. Sorry, but it really is. I’ve written about seven hundred words for NaNoWriMo this week. I’ve also written two research papers, applied for half a dozen jobs, volunteered as an officer for the local Green Party, done my torturous tax return for last year, started levelling my Orc Warlock in WoW (more on Warlords of Draenor when I’ve hit 100, I think, but I don’t hate it so far!), sold my bike (regrettable, but given the state my back and leg are falling into it’s just not worth damaging myself further by trying to cycle everywhere) and finally, finally bothered to stick my Skeletons back together. I only pledged to do that back in January.

Results have been mixed; the big unit with the spears were pretty easy once I bought some new polystyrene cement and bothered to clean up their joints; the sword-and-board ones at the back went together fairly well although some of them are a bit boring; the crossbowmens (crossbones?), though, were a bloody nightmare and I’m amazed my eighteen-year-old self had the patience to put them together. I put the five for whom I could find bits and reasonable poses together, as a testament to the good old days, but after that I ran out of parts and patience.

The leftovers will be transformed into a unit filler. I’d been intending to model the impact of a cannonball on a unit of Skeletons, but then I found a tube of model filler at the bottom of the bit box and, in a moment’s perversity, started squeezing great gouts of it all over the piles of broken Skellies instead. Cannonballs are all well and good but they’re a bit… historical. What I wanted was something uniquely Warhammer – something like representing The Dwellers Below being cast on and annihilating my helpless bonebags. It’s bound to happen sooner or later and it beats just leaving them in a box somewhere.

Results were… mixed. It’ll probably look better when it’s painted, so more on that later.

Besides patching up the Skellies, I’ve been somewhat hyped up about Orks of late. It’d be easy and not inaccurate to blame Warlords of Draenor for that, but truth be told I’d had a realisation about the Chaos project; it was way too big and way too easy to get carried away, and simply getting hold of the appropriate rulebooks through legal channels would set me back triple figures, let alone starting the army. Orks, by contrast, are very straightforward. Here’s your Ork book. That’s it. No temptation for crossovers, no itchy fingers for new WFB armies; just Orks for 40K and Vampires for WFB, like it was when I started out. Given that any interaction I have with GW games these days is basically a nostalgia trip and a chance to catch up with old mates, that might be for the best.

Mindful that the last project folded because I spent a month on theoryhammer and no time on practicehammer, I’ve turned my gaze on eBay; a few old army books have gone up, and a few bargains are being watched. I have high hopes for the wodge of good solid Ork Boyz and Nobz in totally unpainted state that some kind soul is parting with; if I can secure those, the huge start-up cost of a new army is mitigated and I can add fun stuff to that core as and when circumstances permit or encourage. Plus I know how to paint Orks. I’ve been doing it nearly twenty years, after all.

Anyway. Gorgrond beckons and I want to be level 100 by the time WoW’s anniversary raid hits. I’ll be seeing you in a week.

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