GAME OVER – Of Vampires and Suchlike


Better late than never – a pod has been cast on Podomatic, and if you enjoyed it, you should consider joining Heather HooverBrian SolomonSam Dale and Aaron Wayman in sponsoring the next instalment on Patreon.

Why do I want your money? Because decent microphones don’t come cheap, and because spending six hours recording and editing something eats away at time which your self-employed host should probably be spending on stuff that pays.

What do you get for your money? Well –

  • A mere $1 per episode nets you a shoutout on the podcast, the blog, and the social media splash
  • A trifling $3 per episode bags you the shoutout and a question for myself and the co-host du jour to answer
  • A sniftering $5 per episode fishes up the shoutout, the question, and a one-off ten-minute mini-cast on a topic of your choosing

And finally…

Current Patrons, please contact me with your questions and your topics! I can’t reward you ’til I know what you want…

You may now commence belching

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