[40K OSR] Bozgof Mekskar’s Warband

Choosing an Ork clan is always a tricky prospect. Although you get to cheat a bit by hiring mobs from other clans (unless you’re smelly Blood Axes), the primary clan is still going to supply your Big Mob, govern weapon options for your Nobz, determine the Oddboyz you have available in greatest numbers and set the range of Oddbitz to which you have easy access. The choice was more or less made for me, since the majority of the Orks of which I’ve just come into possession are Goffs – not that there’s anything wrong with solid, no-nonsense Orks who wear a lot of black and bring a rokk band into battle with ’em!

As for the army itself, there are some things I have to take (a Warboss, a Retinue, and a Big Mob), after which I have free reign.

Da Boss

I’m going to go all out and take a Warlord, since I’ll probably be playing 1500 point games most of the time. He’s getting power armour for sure, plus an assault weapon (cheap for Goffs), a kustom weapon (hopefully getting something that’ll make good use of his decent BS), and a bionik bit (for sheer character). I’ll also almost certainly be invoking the privileges of rank for that +20 on my wargear rolls, just to make sure I get some fun stuff.

Bozgof Mekskar
Goff Warlord – 121 points
boltgun, bolt pistol, power armour
– assault weapon (power axe)
– kustom weapon (kustom special missile launcher: 2 extra shots, -12″ range)
– bionik bit (spike arm)

That went well. Given that I rolled two decent close combat options I’ll pass the power axe down to one of the Nobz; a spike arm is more than punchy enough for me. The kustom weapon in particular is a minor masterpiece; I’ll take the chronically shortened range if it means I can throw out three frag missiles a turn at a Warboss’ Ballistic Skill. The bionik arm’s nice too, and probably a big factor in his continued dominance: if anyone wants to take over the warband they’re welcome to try, and all they need to do is win an arm-wrestling contest! His name is pretty lazy as these things go: I worked my way through the glyphs and spelled out “the Goff leader with the bionic arm” as best I could.

I have to take a Retinue as well, and I feel the best thing to do here is take advantage of the discount on Goff Nobz to sneak some decent characteristic profiles in, but keep the equipment fairly spartan to stop them eating points. I’ll take one more expensive Clanboss, though, to keep my Big Mob in order and stop them doing a runner at the first sign of trouble. He’ll have Boz’s old power axe and a bionik bit for character’s sake.

Bozgof’s Gang
Goff Nobz Mob – 86 points
Boss – boltgun, bolt pistol – 10 points
Boss – boltgun, bolt pistol – 10 points
Boss – boltgun, bolt pistol – 10 points
Boss – boltgun, bolt pistol – 10 points
Griznak – Clanboss – power armour, boltgun, bolt pistol – 46 points
– bionik bit (perfectly ordinary bionik leg)

Griznak’s bit turned out to be a boring bit, but at least he didn’t end up with a cranial rebuild or something. I figure he’s probably the former Warboss who Bozgof beat down on his way to the top; being Goffs they sorted things out in the duellin’ pit and are now getting on with business, Griznak being in command of the Big Mob who are used to taking orders from him anyway.

Goff Warbands can only have one of each Oddboy, and I figure I might as well buy all of ’em now. It’s easy to go overboard with these, especially if you’re taking a Shokk Attack Team, but I shall forswear the absurdly expensive gun with the ammo that costs at least 15 points a shot and can be killed before the blessed thing has fired once and keep my Oddboyz suitably sensible, cheap and efficient. My Mekboy is pretty important (for repairs and for controlling the Tinboyz I really want to try out) so he can have a force field (cheap for Meks anyway), my Painboy is just going to have a cheap bionik part for flavour, my Runtherd can afford to have nothing at all since he’ll be standing at the back supervising an artillery piece and the Weirdboy just has a force field to help him stay alive until he invariably blows himself up.

Goff Mekboy – 30 points
– force field (refraktor)
– boltgun, bolt pistol

Goff Painboy – 30 points
– bionik bit (teleskopik legs)
– 2 bolt pistols

Goff Weirdboy – 70 points
– force field (konverter)
– boltgun, bolt pistol

Goff Runtherd – 25 points
– boltgun, bolt pistol

Boz doesn’t have much patience for Oddboyz and their faffing about: the ones in his warband are given simple, straightforward jobs to do and told to get on with it. Grot-Thug cops the worst flak since Boz has no patience at all for Gretchin and as far as he’s concerned they belong well out of his way unless they’re wired into a Dreadnought.

My Retinue, as a whole, is going to set me back 362 points, plus the Rokk Band and the Battlewagon that I get for free. That’s nearly a quarter of my points at 1500 and probably enough to be going on with for now. Next up are the Big Mob, since I have to have it, and the Oddbitz, since I can and I might as well.

Da Big Mob

Unlike some Ork players, I don’t believe in faffing around with tiny little mobs of five Orks on foot – not for my main-line fighting mobs, anyway. I like units that have some staying power, units that don’t break and run the first time a Space Marine sneezes at them, which means units that are a squeak over the ‘break points’ for taking Leadership tests due to casualties. Mobs of seven, or ten, or thirteen, or sixteen. Sixteen’s pushing it a bit but a Big Mob of fourteen Boyz means I can take up to seven in my other units and that’s enough to catch some flak and not bog off. Being Goffs means I can take Skarboyz, as well: extra Ballistic Skill for my heavy weapons and a few extra Wounds so a few more bullets can be soaked up.

Griznak’s Lot
Goff Big Mob – 168 points
9 Boyz with two bolt pistols
2 Skarboyz with +1 BS and heavy bolters
3 Skarboyz with +1 W and two bolt pistols

The Big Mob will be rolling up the battlefield, closing into bolt pistol range and then hunkering down to unload everything, under the influence of the Rokk Band for maximum dakka. I foresee them moving more often than not so I didn’t want to spend too much on expensive heavy weapons. The little mobs can muck around carrying the more specialised guns; in fact, I have a plan in mind for those already.

Before I add any of those small mobs, though, it’s time to invest in some Oddbitz. The Squig Katapult has a nice Goffy model with ‘orns on, so I’m ‘avin’ that; I’m very fond of Dreadnoughts and seldom build an army without them, so I’m ‘avin’ one; and I have two Marine Tinboy models and a Mekboy’s allowance to use up, so I’m ‘avin’ them. Easy as pie.

Squig Katapult – 50 points

Ork Dreadnought – 50 points

2 Marine Tinboyz – 150 points

I’m scraping 800 points of stuff now: just over halfway there and I only have one mob of good solid ordinary Orks. That won’t do. For my next trick I plan on acquiring some more Goff mobs; these will have some fancier heavy weapons and probably more defined battlefield roles.

Urblad’s Lot
Goff Boyz Mob – 152 points
4 Ork Boyz with boltguns and frag stikkbombz
2 Skarboyz with +1 W and boltguns and frag stikkbombz
1 Skarboy with +1 BS and heavy plasma gun and frag stikkbombz

These Boyz are a covering fire mob: they find somewhere high up and relatively safe, point their guns downfield and give it their best shot. If necessary they can clock up the heavy plasma gun to full power and take a crack at any tanks wandering around, too. In the event that anyone does get near them they have a nasty surprise up their sleeves, too; they’ll pelt the unfortunate target with frag bombs at point-blank range.

Being Goffs, they bring two Nobs to the field instead of any Oddboyz. This suits me fine, as those Nobz can each bring a vehicle along with them, and that means I can sneak in a couple of Wartraks and get some serious gunz into the army. I’ll go for Drillbosses since they have decent BS and aren’t too expensive in a Goff army, but I won’t buy them any fancy kit apart from their vehicles.

Urblad – Goff Nob – 15 points
Drillboss with two bolt pistols
Urblad’s Trak – Wartrak – 75 points
– lascannon

Rotgut – Goff Nob – 15 points
Drillboss with two bolt pistols
Rotgut’s Trak – Wartrak – 75 points
– twin heavy bolters

My third and final Goff mob are going for flexibility, able to either support the Big Mob up close or hang back at the outer edge of midrange. It’ll be a bit pricey but I think it’ll pay off in the long run.

Skargrim’s Lot
Goff Boyz Mob – 118 points
4 Ork Boyz with boltguns, bolt pistols and chainswords
2 Skarboyz with +1 Wound, boltguns, bolt pistols and chainswords
1 Skarboy with +1 BS, missile launcher with melta missiles, boltgun, bolt pistol and chainsword

My last two mobs are going to be smaller and shootier

Da Red Baronz
Stormboyz Mob – 90 points
4 Stormboyz with bolt pistols
1 Stormboy with multi-melta and bolt pistol

Da Baronz specialise in tougher than average targets, hence lugging around a multi-melta for blasting Dreadnoughts and tanks off the face of whatever planet they happen to be on. Boz encourages this sort of behaviour; they’ll either get themselves killed or they’ll grow up to be big mean Skarboyz who know how not to get stepped on.



Da Blue Macks
Deathskull Boyz Mob – 90 points
5 Ork Boyz with heavy stubbers

My first (and probably only) non-Goff Orks will be lugging some serious antipersonnel firepower around. Again, these are a support mob; they’ll find somewhere high up where they can prop the business end of their guns down, and make some serious abuse of the Following Fire rules to see what they can chew up.

Finally, I have a spare Runtherd model lying around and a Deathskull mob to justify his presence. He’s not getting any extra kit because if I stint on his wargear I can just afford an Imperial Rapier Laser Destroyer, thanks to his Deathskull discount, and that’s too much fun to say no to.

Deathskull Runtherd – 15 points
– boltgun

Blaggum’s Big Gun
Imperial Rapier – 75 points

And that’s 1500 points, on the nut! Can’t say fairer than that. I have a couple of artillery pieces and a shooty Deathskull mob to lurk in the background and lay down a nice barrage, a couple of flexible mid-size Goff mobs to play around with in midfield (plus my Warboss and his crew), and a big Big Mob plus some tough bits (the Dreadnought and Tinboyz) to lead the assault. My Weirdboy can run around on the flanks being annoying, as can the Stormboyz; they’re utterly disposable provided they get to fire that multi-melta at least once. The Wartraks are there for damage control, vrooming in to zap or dakka a key target that’s making a nuisance of itself.

In taking the warband to 2000 points, which is always an option, I foresee bringing along the Deathskull Painboy I’m allowed (and thus a second Dreadnought), adding a couple more Goff Nobz with some neat kit to the Nobz Mob, and probably a mob of Evil Sunz or Blood Axe Boyz so I can take another Mek. The other option is riffing through the Freebooterz rules and seeing what madness emerges. You never know; I might really jam it up and get a second Warboss or something hilarious…

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    1. The AoS models fill me with nothing but a sort of clammy sadness, like a rainy Bank Holiday. I downloaded the rules for all my old undead stuff and will give them a go when or if I am drunk enough to consider “talk to your models for a reroll” to be acceptable practice in a public gaming venue.

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