[40K OSR] Back In Black

Despite what previous posts may have led you to believe, I am not actually planning on playing any Rogue Trader: I merely have a strange fascination with writing army lists for it. My preferred editions for Oldhammering are second and third (for 40K, anyway: for WFB, they remain fifth and sixth). Many a package has come and gone from the new fastness in Wales, and I now have a sizeable collection of vintage Orks plus most of the paraphernalia associated with playing second edition. (The rulebooks are currently Kindle-bound, and I don’t have any of the card tokens, though I do have a boundless supply of gemstones from the Warmachine days.)

Like a complete saddo I have been scouring Scribd for White Dwarfs that have vintage Orky battle reports in them, checking my memories of the few games I actually played against them. It’s worrying how strongly some concepts – “your first Painboy will always have the Vaxxine Squig, just accept it” springs to mind – seem ingrained in my consciousness after twenty years. Worryingly, I also found a torrent containing most of the issues around the WFB Chaos release, which may have encourage the impulse purchase of the old Realm of Chaos box. (Yes, box – not the books which everyone and their dog and especially Zak thinks are the best things ever, I mean the boxed set for fifth edition WFB, squarely in the middle of the hated Kirby era. I’m sorry. It’s where I came in and I’ll always have a soft spot for it.)

As we lurch towards Christmas and the birthday which ostensibly encouraged this sort of devil-may-care behaviour, I am doing another round of eBay trawling, on the lookout for both plastic non-Goff Ork Boyz (which don’t appear often but also don’t appear to sell well, so when they do turn up they are usually no dearer than the modern models would be) and prices for some of the stuff I’ve picked up in various bulk trades. These come up now and again, and are generally worth a punt since the real money is in the buying and selling of individual models to collectors of a completionist bent. (I should know, I’ve bought enough individual models this year.)

What’s going can be found here, on the off-chance that any of you are interested in my cast-offs: what’s on its way amounts to “more ordinary Orks”. Specifically, Orks from other clans. I quite fancy a second Weirdboy and doing something with my two spare lascannons, hence some Bad Moons, and I have that cool Blood Axe Nob who could do with a unit to lead. I have so far resisted the urge to buy the two mini-diorama Weirdboyz (the one being held up and the one being fired like a living vomit-bazooka) but if eBay smiles upon me I might treat myself before the month is out.

I’ve also stuck a couple of vehicles together. That Dreadnought kit was a bit more of a bugger than I remember…

2015-11-17 10.07.17 2015-11-17 10.07.22

You may now commence belching

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