2015-11-26 14.15.03

On the third attempt I’ve finally managed to fit this damn thing onto a base. 90mm by 54mm and it barely fits. Of course, now I have a pack of Age of Sigmar size bases (including the 75mm long ovals) lying around and bugger all to do with them. I’m torn between “rebase all my Traks onto them” or “save them for when I inevitably crack and try Age of Sigmar down the line”. In the meantime I’m working out how to spell EVIL SHITBASTARD in Orkish glyphs, because this wretched machine has it coming.

Of course, those biggish oval bases come in pairs, so I had to do something with the other one.

2015-11-26 14.15.31

It’s weird, but I don’t think I’ve actually built a dragon model before. Couple of Wyverns, a Greater Daemon or two, but no dragon. And this one’s been my favourite ever since my first year in the hobby when GW scrapped the “flying cabbage” in favour of their new-fangled black-bone-and-metal undead army. This one had been in a box for decades and found his way to me in return for a Razorback that I built for Jimmy back in the summer.

Cheers mate.

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  1. “I’m working out how to spell EVIL SHITBASTARD in Orkish glyphs”


    I’m going to glyph at my epic orks when they eventually get paint on them. I was going to put sensible things on them (“dis is ‘azturs area” on the rok band tour wagon for instance). Swearing sounds like far more fun. Someone’s Gunfortress is getting “pigfucker” on it somewhere…

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