[40K OSR] Waa-Bozgof, Second Edition

A little later than anticipated, here are some pictures of Oldhammer 40K Orks. There are others like them, but these are mine.

2015-12-08 11.40.21
Waa-Bozgof! Together at last.

After all adding up, checking books, finding spare pistols, counting on fingers, knitting, purling and taking away, the army comes to something in the region of 2250 points (under second edition rules) and doesn’t even have all the Wargear cards it’s allowed.

2015-12-08 11.40.29
Da Boyz! Keep going forward, don’t get killed.

Against my better judgement, I have always been of the opinion that Ork armies need lots of footsloggers. It’s quite satisfying shoving a huge mass of models around – the only tradeoff is that it’s considered good form to paint them at some stage. That might be why most of mine are Goffs (at least half black, so done in one layer). Also, these aren’t sitting-around-in-poet-shirt-having-a-mope goffs, these are go-out-and-get-pissed-and-stomp-around-listening-to-KMFDM goffs. Two units of fifteen Skarboyz, with a few chainswords scattered through for parrying and a plasma gun each in case they have to slow down and shoot at things for a turn or two. Nob for each with a power fist because a) they can and b) it makes them viable under the current rules if I fancy trolling the Newhammer scallies by fielding models older than they are.

2015-12-08 11.40.43
Warboss Bozgof and Nogbad the Banna Wava, plus Painboyz.

Bozgof is exactly the same model who led my original Ork army back in the Nineties. He probably even has the same kustom blasta. His weaponry’s pretty much dictated by the model (power axe, spike arm, bionik leg) and I’m giving him a kustom blasta because he’s got BS6 and might as well make something of it.

Nogbad is an older Goff Nob model with a bit of pin vice work done to drill through his hand and slide a brass rod banner pole in there (with the top bit off the Dreadnought). This is actually the second attempt at his arm; the first one pinged off into the distance when I was trimming the pole down and is somewhere on my horrible telly-static-looking carpet. I don’t usually like mucking about with pin vices, but if I wanted an Ork Battle Standard Bearer (and I did, because I don’t want to trust the vital “stop running away” stick to a weedy Gretchin) I had no choice. Surprisingly easy. Deceptively easy. I suspect trickery.

2015-12-08 11.40.52
Kopzag the Weirdboy.

It took some patient hunting, seeking and sniping to get my hands on a Goff Weirdboy who still had the top on his staff. This one was bent when he arrived (stop that sniggering) and is going to need careful handling lest he end up like every other Goff Weirdboy model I’ve ever seen. I paid more for him than some of the units in the army, but I regret nothing.

2015-12-08 11.41.00
Mek-Gar and Steely Dred.

Mek-Gar is the most eccentric model I’ve built for this army, I reckon. The idea came when looking through my first job lot of Orky bits and the second edition Wargear cards. Teleskopic Legs and a metal body from the old Bionik Boyz range, plastic arms with the big shoulderpads from the Rogue Trader Boyz, a busted-up Stormboy jump pack, a weird hammer thing that turned up in a job lot and remains unidentified, and part of the Planet Killer. One Mekboy who can keep up with the Dreadnought (Teleskopik Legs) and chuck down a nice invisible, impenetrable wall for the Boyz to advance behind (Force Field Projekta).

2015-12-08 11.41.13
Blood Axe and Snakebite Orks hangin’ around at the back.

The Blood Axes are there because of Rogue Trader rules: only they and the Evil Sunz can bring extra Mekaniaks along and Blood Axes are a bit cheaper. Also, they have the best Nob model doing, and can have multi-meltas. By the way, you may have noticed that one of them looks a bit… strange. Say hello to Kurtz Brando, agent of the Ordo Xenos, assigned to infiltrate Kilgore’s Blood Axe household and destablise the Waaagh from within. Unfortunately, the psychically-sensitive Brando has gone a bit native from surplus Waaagh-power, and now he’s starting to think the Orks are on to something. At some point, the Imperium’s going to realise his methods of manipulating the Orks have become ‘questionable’, and do something about him. (One of the heads from a Rogue Trader Ork was missing, but for some reason I had a Rogue Trader Imperial Guard head and a Space Marine boltgun lying around. This seemed like the logical solution.)

The Snakebites represent something of a sore point. I didn’t originally want any, but in second edition rules only they can bring along extra Runtherds, and I do want a Runtherd looking after each of my war machine crews (or Gretchin mobs if I ever find the right period of metal Gretchin). If I can find enough of the nifty metal Snakebites I might build some of those instead and fold these guys into the other mobs.

2015-12-08 11.41.26
Da Big Gunz!

Ye gods that’s a bad photo. (Deal with it: this isn’t Von’s Super Rad Photography Blog.) Here we have the Orks who hang around behind the Snakebites and try to hurt things from a safe distance, including my Squig Katapult and Hop Splatta Kannon Gun (it had a bit of an identity crisis between the Black Codex and the first Codex Orks). Note the mega-armoured Nob hanging around in the middle somewhere. I can’t resell him with an arm missing and I can’t find a replacement arm anywhere, so he’s had a plastic power claw stuck on and now he’s going to be an expensive, inefficient squad leader, because why not? He’s not my favourite Bad Moon model, but he’ll do.

2015-12-08 11.41.36
Badaka the Other Weirdboy and Bad Moons.

I could very easily have built a much, much bigger mob of Bad Moons with plasma guns (yes, they can all have plasma guns if they want). Seriously, there’s so many plasma guns hanging around, just because the plastic Ork Weapons sprues all had one on there. It’s sort of tempting and I’m not ruling out nicking a few models back from the Snakebite unit to bulk this one out. Also, one of my favourite Weirdboy models – the one who looks like he’s having a good time. I prefer two middling psykers to one big expensive one who is, ultimately, still a deathtrap in a flak vest. Most of the battle reports I’ve read turned south when the Orks lost their Warphead, so I’m going to try building a force that doesn’t need one.

2015-12-08 11.41.43
Snagadak’s Deathskull Lootas.

Expensive, fragile, and potentially hilarious. Also some of the most wobbly models I’ve ever built. Snagadak is an unreleased Deathskull Nob who’s probably worth loadsamoney to the right collector, but I have stuck a kustom shoota onto him (with much finagling of arms that were designed for a slanted shoulder joint, not the straight-on joint of the Nineties models) and some big shoulderpads and he’s staying with me.

2015-12-08 11.41.49
Da Buggiez! Under-represented. Needs more Boarboyz.

At the moment the collection is a bit lacking in fast stuff, partly because I want to keep it compatible with Rogue Trader rules to the best possible extent and partly because I think five Wartraks is quite enough. I do have my eye on some Snakebite Boarboyz though; five of those plus a Nob and a Bigboss could be had for about twenty or thirty quid and they’d give me another wave of speedier stuff to run around making a nuisance of itself. They’d also give me a home for the handful of power swords and axes that are left over from putting the Skarboyz together.

2015-12-08 11.42.12
Shelf of odd “this is for Rogue Trader” stuff, with unnecessary view of Von’s kitchen.

From right to left: spare Mekboy, Goff Big Mob (ordinary Boyz with a couple of heavy plasma guns), Goff Boyz Mob (ordinary Boyz with bolters, sadly not an option in second edition, although they’ll serve well as Minderz if I decide to take a Warphead after all), and the Rokk Band, the first bits I acquired for the project (back before there was a project at all).

Is it over? Not really. I’d like some of those nifty metal Snakebites (on foot and on boars, and with two units of them I can probably justify a Big Boss on a Cyboar, making them the largest subordinate tribe in the Waaagh and an independent skirmishing force in their own right). Some Gretchin would be nice, although hardly anyone seems to have bought the cute Colin Dixon Gretchin back in the day, so I might have to swallow my distaste and go for either Gorkamorka metals (quite commonplace) or one-piece plastics (half and half Space Crusade and second edition 40K would be good, one unit with autoguns to screen the artillery and one unit with blunderbusses to screen the troops). I’d also like at least one Battlewagon, since they’re free to a good Retinue under Rogue Trader rules and will be quite useful for ferrying my Nobz Mob (or a small mob of Goffs with chainswords, led by my assorted Oddboyz) around the place.

Worryingly, I’ve discovered that my old mate Curis, of Ninjabread and Mantic Games fame, is also working on an Oldhammer Ork army, although his are mostly Bad Moons because he’s a masochist and likes painting yellow for some reason. Nonetheless, he’s already bought a space Dreadnought and some Rogue Trader Stormboyz off me, and I’m waiting for the moment when he starts beating me to Battlewagons. We shall have to arrange some sort of Ork-off for the New Year. After SmogCon. For which I really need to get those Skorne painted…

13 thoughts on “[40K OSR] Waa-Bozgof, Second Edition

Add yours

  1. Great fun seeing and reading about the warband assembling. It takes me right back to my army I had during the same era, most of which was lost when I forgot a miniature case on a bus. I feel like rummaging around for what’s left now!

  2. ” fancy trolling the Newhammer scallies by fielding models older than they are.”

    If you ever do this, I will pay for battle reports. Preferably with video, or audio. A more worthy quest has never been uttered in my perview in nye on years.

    Seriously, I have something of a fetish of tormenting younguns with toys older than them. I am a sick man, but quite happy!

  3. I am envious of your lead mountain there. Seriously good work bringing all those old metals together. Top banana seeing so many horny goffs in one place (could say it’s a bit like Rock World all-nighter).

    Have you considered bumping the basic Boy to a 32mm base? It makes them look a lot meaner and stops their feet dangling over the side. I’ve done it with my Bad Moon Boyz and it works a treat. You could even bump your Lootas to 40mm to give them stability. Just take a soldering iron to the new base and melt out a slot and you’re away. And you get to burn things too.

    Those Gretchin are hard to get. I was playing with the idea of using the plastic ones but with their pointed helms they’re obviously rocking a Goff vibe so they’re not suitable for me. I guess when every 40K player had forty of them no-one felt like forking out for metal blisters. But I’ve picked up enough of the RT ones for a 10-strong mob so far.

    We should have a game. I won’t be done with my 1,500 points until August though. Though I have been racing through the first few mobs.

    1. No comment will be issued on resemblances between the whole-army photo and a Saturday night down Elektrowerkz, arf arf.

      I’ll be honest, the thought of rebasing all the infantry a) gives me hives and b) makes me a little nervous. At the end of the day this is a gamer’s army, and I want my Orks piling into combat and not losing the advantage of numbers in contact when they’re there.

      You’re dead right about the Gretchin though. I’d have figured someone somewhere would have bought some, and they do pop up in twos and threes on Fleabay from time to time, but it’s definitely a longer term project. My tactical work-around is the Force Field Projekta (and I did enjoy putting that Mek together) – we’ll have to see how well it works.

      I’ll not be starting the paintwork on these until my Skorne army is done. My Skorne army is not done. It’s primed! Mostly. Except the Mammoth, which isn’t even built. And it all needs fresh spray primer, really, ’cause the gesso’s gone all wishy-washy…

  4. Awww man, should I do a Warmachine army in the New Year and do some gaming events? I am tempted to do Convergence of Cyriss and blog about it with the blog title “Convergence of Curis”. But there’s so many projects I’ve got on, I need something to push me over the edge. Tempt me. Tempt me, Von.

    What are you using the Power Armoured Orks as? Mega or ‘Eavy. My friend, Paul, insists that in 2E the models were intended to be used with the ‘Eavy Armour rules under the 2E Codex but that seems really wrong given how later ‘Eavy Armour is a far more ramshackle affair. I’m tempted to house rule it as a 3+ save and calculate an appropriate points value. They are such lovely models, those Nobz.

    Bigger bases make your army more psychologically intimidating, and less vulnerable to blast weaponry.

    1. I… don’t know if I’d encourage anyone into playing Convergence, no matter how tempting the puns. They’re… fiddly. Not bad, but you need a mind like a well-oiled machine to get the most out of them. Very much designed for the “I spend an hour of every day in study of DA RULEZ” kind of player. Do a SAGA army instead.

      My Power Armoured Orks are ‘eavy armoured because they ain’t no stinkin’ Bad Moonz. The idea of ‘eavy armour as nothing but plates nailed onto your vest and a saucepan for a codpiece is a late Nineties thing, I feel, starting with Gorkamorka and continuing into the third edition range of Big Angry Brian Nelson Orks. It should of course also be noted that Power Armour offered a 4+ save when those lads were sculpted, and the 3+ was achieved by wearing it OVER your flak armour. Obviously they go kommando. Only not Kommando. Unless you get Forced March in your strategy cards.

      Psychological intimidation is filthy gamesmanship and you avoid blast markers by spreading your models out properly in the first place. :p

  5. I like the Iron Mother Directrix. Might just collect the army from a purely “to paint” basis and do without the gaming.

    I always wonder why ChildCuris didn’t fit out entire boyz squads with plasma guns – they’re very shooty and incredibly reasonably priced. Was it just something that never occurred to us as children, or was it something off-limits as model availability rules such stuff out? AdultCuris is wondering if a Bad Moon squad with all Plasma Guns is something ungentlemanly or not. At least one squad will be majority bolters as they’re the MM100 Marauder Orks who are one-piece with bolters moulded on.

    1. That’s fair. If I collected everything I liked the look of I’d have to build a shack out of blister packs (since I wouldn’t be living indoors any more) and so thinking “will I play games with this?” helps me keep a tin lid on it.

      I know why I didn’t: I couldn’t afford metal Bad Moon Boyz and the plastics had long vanished off the shelves. I intend to correct matters this time.

      I am actually quite tempted to stick every single plasma gun I own onto a suitably posed Ork and field the lot of them. Gentlemanly it ain’t, but it’ll be… entertaining.

  6. Heh. I’m going to be painting an epic Ork army as Bad Moons. All of them.

    Not sure how I’m going to fit a converted rok band tour wagon into that legitimately though…

    I was going to ask where the rok band are until the last photo or two. How come they’re not in the army?

    I occasionally fantasise about getting a load of madboyz and the modern kommando models, but I’d never get them on the table for 40k. I think I’d have to try and use them for Gorka.

    1. They aren’t in the army because, mechanically, they don’t exist after Rogue Trader. They’re just cool extra bits in any other edition of the rules. I was thinking about using them as a Weirdboy until I remembered how much I liked the Goff Weirdboy model.

      1. I never did do the orks back in t’day. I was all about the slaaneshi chaos, marines errant, stealer cults, and the eldar back then). I just read the extracts from the books they printed in WD.

        I’d have thought the rok band would have been in the big books with all the random collection of different freebooterz (genestealer cult orks…), and where the madboyz had a table to roll on to see which madness affected them each turn. The impression I have in my head is that that lot made up second edition orks…

        1. Ahh, all becomes clear. I came in with Orks and then did Chaos and Dark Eldar during third edition.

          The Rokk Band were in the OTHER first edition Ork army book – ‘Ere We Go. They were part of the Goff Warboss’ Retinue. Goffs within 12″ of the Rokk Band could fire their guns twice at -1 BS, ’cause they were rokkin’ out and stuff. No profile was given, so you couldn’t kill them.

          Second edition they were gone and the Madboyz were streamlined from six d10 tables down to one d6 table that used the standard psychology rules.

          1. Of course, being a metalhead, the Rokk Band were always one of the most appealing ideas from the Orks. :-D

            I totally get why they would strip out those big tables and simplify like that. Better to have something not slow the game down if possible, while still keeping some random element. But the tables were fun to read.

            I had quite a few Noise Marines too until not so long ago. (And then, after selling the mk1 and mk2 versions, went and made bought the bits to make some less crazy looking ones to add to me Iron Warrior army. They will have pink and black striping when I one day get them painted…)

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