Four elder Malkavians play out their own version of the Omen War in a kind of shadow-Transylvania, a place which exists and does not exist in their own deranged minds and on the other side of mirrors. They are aided and abetted by ambassadors from the Seelie Court in Arcadia who have, for their own reasons, offered to host the game and facilitate by providing a playing field. Three of them have never visited Transylvania – the fourth has, but his perception is even more warped than you might expect. The result is a Transylvania begat by rumour, myth and Lunatic fantasy and made real through chimerstry, where the ordinary laws of nature and codes of behaviour are distorted by what the Malkavians think is happening.

  • Seren, Baroness of Gloucester in the domain of Albion, plays the White King
  • Midian, Prince of Hamburg in the fiefdom of the Black Cross, plays the Red Queen
  • Roque, Prince of Pamplona in Navarre, plays the White Queen
  • Havnor Octavio, the mad god of Buda-Pest, plays the Red King

Crossing any of these powerful Cainites generally means conscription into their faction beyond the Mirrors, where the culpable are expected to make amends through some adventurous act of service in the war-torn territory called Voivodja, where everything (including the experience of gameplay) is quite startlingly different.

And that’s something that’ll happen to any Dark Ages Vampire players who offend the delicate sensibilities of an elder Malkavian. Congratulations guys, we’re playing Red and Pleasant Land for the rest of the year. Everyone roll up an Alice and get ready for puzzle fun.

2 thoughts on “[DAV/D&D] The War Beyond The Mirrors

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    1. Don’t get your hopes up. I found this in the drafts and thought it’d be a neat idea for a DAV group that met more than twice a…

      … wait, I think I just found a way to make this work.

      You MAY get your wish after all.

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