A lot of the vehicles are gone, the plastic Rogue Trader boyz are going, and I’ve ended up with more of those second edition box set plastics than anyone should have – but this is finally an acceptable facsimile of the army I would have collected back in the day, if I’d been made of money. Well, nearly. The plastic Battlewagon had already vanished from shelves by then. If I could get hold of one of those, in good nick, for less than triple figures, the vision of Tiny Von would finally be fulfilled.

6 thoughts on “[40K OSR] Orks and Other Inedible Fungus

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  1. Always good to fulfill your childhood dreams / ambitions. I still want a proper treehouse with a rope swing. Going back towards hobby, I always wanted a proper Saim-Hann Wildrider Host… started, never really completed it.

        1. A couple years ago at Adepticon I saw a gorgeous fantasy Orc & Goblin army painted in classic ‘eavy metal style, but with a level of technique and grasp of color that matched the best of today. I wanted to steal that Rock Lobber with the big claw.

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