[V:tM] City Of Lost Clanbooks – an experiment in lassitude

Here’s something I did a couple of weeks ago and only just got around to copying the notes for. Since I have PDFs of all the Revised Edition Clanbooks, and since many of them provide sample broods of NPCs, I had a flick through to see if I could nail together a working city out of those (and thus with minimal effort on the part of me, the alleged ‘Storyteller’).

Everyone’s quite high generation (I think the eldest character here is eighth or ninth), but… I think it works, maybe for a city where the Prince has recently been eliminated and various powers are struggling to take control, with less emphasis on sect and more emphasis on clan. The Ravnos afford an interesting B-plot to the competing Lasombra and Ventrue leadership bids, while the responsibility for keeping the Masquerade and arranging Elysium has devolved to the Setites and Malkavians respectively. The other broods are out-of-towners who can show up as ‘adventures’ in their own right or descend on the city sensing opportunity.

Clans with a * next to them don’t have a sample brood, and I’ve given some thought as to where they might be. My thoughts took a sort of post-Gehenna “some Antediluvians rose and others didn’t, some clans survived and some didn’t” turn. A more sensible alternative is covered in the fourth image.
What happened to all those Antediluvians? I dug up a copy of Gehenna to see.
Here’s the thing. When Ravnos/Ravana/Zapathasura/whatever died, Clan Ravnos went mad and tore itself apart. Was this a) an effect of Chimerstry 10 (see V:tM Second Edition… I want to say Storyteller’s Handbook?) or b) something that happens with all Antediluvians? If b), does the clan still go mad if the Antediluvian is a) diablerised or b) genuinely dead? Then I lost my patience with this nerdism, remembered why I was actually doing the thought experiment, and got back on task.
Here’s the one I’ve tried to keep clear. The way I see it, you have two options for what to do with the “missing” clans. Either all the PCs are members of one clan, and form a brood with a shared NPC sire (or maybe one of them sired another, or one of them’s a ghoul; can your group handle that?), OR the PCs are (as is traditional) members of different clans and you present them with that shortlist to choose from. Given that all the other clans are quite united in this city, I’d opt for the first one – a brood of three characters with an NPC elder to look out for them. Maybe a star-crossed lover or lone infiltrator from another clan, since the Ventrue brood has a rogue element who’s pretending to be a Toreador.

Author: Jon

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