[40K] A Tale of Von Gamer: Fear is the Key

Header image by Kai Lim, used without permission, spirit of Fair Use and all.

The faction choice:

Devoted to the arts of terror, the Night Lords Legion conducted war through surprise, fear, brutality and wanton cruelty. Suspected by many of atrocities unnamed and uncounted, the Night Lords were considered renegade in all but name even before the Heresy was unveiled at Isstvan. Now they have declared their allegiance for the Warmaster, their grim talents are put to use in merciless assaults on their former brother Astartes.

Even when the Night Lords were counted loyal, their nature and actions were ever questioned. Some argued that they were simply a function of necessity, the monsters needed to drag a barbaric age into the light. Some say that they were a mistake, a misjudgment compounded by circumstance. A few wonder if they were damned from the moment they were born, that they were destined never to be a part of the future they would help create. All such speculation is ultimately pointless; no matter the cause, they are creatures of horror and always were.

The Tale of Gamers rules, via Reddit:

  • January : The Start Collecting Box [or similar ‘starter’ product]
  • February : A Character model
  • March : A Tank/Monster/Big Guy unit
  • April : Another Troops Choice/Battle Line Unit
  • May : Rounding out the army with anything missing
  • June : Family photos

The Oath of Moment, according to Corehammer tradition:

  • Spring chiller: Dark Vengeance set, WITS Goths and Frostgrave Gnolls done
  • Summer chiller: Night Lords CAD (c. 1200 points) done
  • ’17 ‘fest: SAGA Crusader infantry (6 points) and, funds permitting, Thousand Sons War Cabal (c. 800 points) done

Filled, primed, ready for one-model-per-day painting spree in January:


Eighth Legion, Sixty-Fourth Company. Registered assholes in this and any other dimension.

Da-na-na-na-na, theme song:

Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

7 thoughts on “[40K] A Tale of Von Gamer: Fear is the Key”

  1. Swap the SC! month with March and grab the 10 dudes and a METAL BAWKSE that’s up for preorders now as I’m not sure how long those will last. – My opinion, though I will admit the second helbrute does open up the weapon load outs and potential converting of the DV one.

    Would SC! Flesssssssh eater courts be of use for conversion bits and/or using ghouls as extra cultists?

    Obligatory: You damn dirty heretic!

    Hope you had a good Xmas and New Years, Von :D

    1. I don’t want the generic, dated CSM or the Rhino though. Seems a bit pointless buying models I don’t actually want or like.

      Good idea re: Flesh-Eaters though, I already have plans for a Heldrake kitbash and the Vargheists might make decent Spa- NEARLY! Those… things. You know. The ones you sort of need just in case. And Morghasts wouldn’t be a bad call for Daemon Prince parts…

      Filthy heretic? GUILTY AS CHARGED, but it doesn’t mean I’m wrong…

      Happy new year mon brave.

    1. I know my aesthetic and I cleave to it. You can’t deny that I’m consistent in my underlying interests, even if you can set your watch (at two minutes to midnight) by them.

      Same to you with knobs on my good fellow.

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