[40K] A Tale of Von Gamer – Afraid To Shoot Strangers

Header image by Kai Lim, used without permission, spirit of Fair Use and all.

The Tale of Von Gamer has… escalated, slightly. Already. After two days. Not in the sense that I’m running off and doing a different army or buying three thousand points of Heresy-Era Night Lords or anything like that (although I am considering a Heresy-era force as next year’s thing). In the sense that other people are now involved.

Firstly there’s the fellow returning gamer who surfaced on Reddit, proclaiming himself as a fellow citizen of the Border Marches and a would-be Dark Angels player. It’s on, of course; on like Tsagualsa was yesterday, once we both have some paint on our respective lads.

Secondly there’s the Dice and Decks crew, who took my Tale of Gamers pledge as inspiration to do one amongst themselves. Thus far, we buck tradition by having Five Gamers instead of the regular Four:

  • Me, obviously, with my Night Lords
  • Robbie – ‘Astra Militarum’ with Inquisitorial support
  • Chris – ‘Fists’ (Imperial or Crimson: we’re honestly not sure)
  • Andy M – Eldar Harlequins (‘evil space clown elfs’)
  • Andrew C – Angels Sanguine

I’m feeling very lonely on my side of the Long War, I must say.

There’s pre-emptive talk of a gaming day in June, once everyone’s at the family photos stage: I may be intervening to Forge A Narrative rather than travel up to Ross simply for a day of pick-up games. Entertaining as these things are, I have six months to ensure something a bit more… memorable. Ideally something which sets the Imperial lapdogs at each other’s throats and has some space for Andy and I to pursue our own ends.

I don’t have anything painted yet – despite my grand designs, the lure of spending a few days in London was too great and I didn’t want to lug my painting kit back and forth if it could possibly be helped. This will change once I’m back at base and have a few days free to knock out some Cultists (a warm-up before I attempt the Chosen). More on this as details emerge.

Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

One thought on “[40K] A Tale of Von Gamer – Afraid To Shoot Strangers”

  1. Tell them you’ll make you own Long War, with blackjack and hookers! Y’know what, forget the Long War! Looking forward to more updates!

    Might borrow your approach to gaming by using Reddit and see if there’s people locally who I can corrupt into Malifaux. Or AoS, that could be pretty fun and get me making more terrain again.

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