[40K] A Tale of Von Gamer – Hold Back The Night

Painful as it is to admit this, I’m probably not going to hit my January target for the Tale of Gamers.

I started well: everyone from Dark Vengeance was primed by the time I knocked off for New Year’s Eve, and by the 20th I’d rocked out twenty Cultists and five Chosen. Sadly, output slowed to a crawl in the last week of the month, and a weekend spent playing Blood Bowl and Zombies! in between writing gigs has pretty much finished me off.

I’ve still painted twenty-seven models this month though. I have the technical paints to base them, but I’m not rushing through a new process and my two centrepiece models just to hit an arbitrary target. Next month’s obligations only involve a character model (the Daemon Prince who loiters in his box, waiting for the moment when he’ll be unleashed upon the world) and will afford me ample time to catch up and maybe even crank out a few Chaos Spawn or something.

In the meantime, please enjoy the first miniatures I’ve painted ‘properly’ in over a year. They’re nearly done. I hope to have some bases to show off for WIP Wednesday. (Hope springs eternal, right?)

Since I’ve neglected to Bring the Night in a timely fashion, have a song about… the opposite of Bringing the Night.

Author: Jon

Sententious, mercurial, and British as a bilious lord. Recovering Goth, lifelong spod. Former teacher and amateur machine politician, now freelance writer and early-career researcher.

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